Friday, October 11, 2013

Outdoor Fall Decor

The Headlines:

People are Halloween decorating crazy!

I like wreaths.

How to do my fall wreath.

I'm sure whatever you do is great too!

Have you noticed what's been going on lately?  People are crazy for Halloween!  I mean, almost, more crazy about decorating the outside of their house for this holiday than any other one during the year!  Sometimes I wonder - okay get ready for some "dr. nicole" to come out now (this is what my husband calls me because he thinks - I think - I'm a general practitioner and a psychologist wrapped into one - hey when ya got it...!) - so sometimes I wonder if people like the holiday so much because - for one day - they get to pretend they're somebody else.  A super hero, a villain, a princess even a playboy bunny.  Like, they get to finally act out their "dream" in a way... if so, what does that really say about us!?  Maybe it's healthy... maybe it's... Hmmmm... just wondering... !

Anyways,  bet it's not a huuuuge surprise Halloween is not my fav holiday!  Spiders and goblins, being scary ... spending a bunch of $$ on a costume that you wear once and never again...  I kind of don't get into all that.  In fact, I used to be a little bah-humbug about it all!  But when you have kids you have to do your part!  This year, as discussed earlier in the week, I'm doing a tad more.  And now I'm adding outdoor fall decor.  Don't get too excited, it's not much...

But I believe every good door should have a wreath on it.  Especially this time of year.  I simply love them!  I think they're pretty and oh so appropriate. You can dress them up, keep them bare, put lights on them.  Easy, happy outdoor decor.  And, for now,  this is where my outdoor fall decor begins and ends.  Seriously.  I will branch out (no pun intended) eventually but, as I said,  I really can't stand the scary skeletons/zombies look and, while I love fresh pumpkins... where I live the coyotes or javelinas, mountain lions or some 4 legged friend will eat them up.  Yea, it's happened before!

Therefore, this is the extent of what I did this year.  I think it looks like a pumpkin!

Fall Outdoor Wreath

And here's the deal... I have this wreath on my front door year round.  Beauty!  I just like the simple look of a grapevine wreath.  So how easy was it to grab some orange ribbon and wrap it around the pupper...?  I actually could use some more ribbon to wrap it a few more times but that would require me going back to Walmart and I just don't have it in me.  I also bought something at Walmart that I am super duper obsessed over!  Orange, LED, battery powered, timer lights!  These, I have found, are hard to get.  And when you do... they go fast!  They were $6 for 20.  I used 2 sets here.  You turn it on once, it will stay lit for 6 hours and off for 18!  So thrilled!

I tried to take a night time picture and the camera just doesn't do it justice.  Trust me, it looks cool!

There ya have it... this could be your quick weekend project to let the kids and neighborhood know you are aware fall has arrived.   Unless you already have ghouls and goblins on your front lawn, then you're good.

OHHHHH!  But one more thing before I shove off... if you already have a wreath on your door with smiling pumpkins and black cats with big yellow eyes and maybe a witch on a broomstick... good for you!  I'm sure it looks awesome.  And to be honest my kids would probably like yours better than ours!  Yes, we all have our own tastes... these, clearly, are just mine.  What you do for your family is perfect.  Because everyone has a little "picky chick" in them.  I hope I'm helping you find yours!

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