Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Turn a Door into a Table

The Headlines:

I like to re-purpose. 

But I don't like lame re-purposing.

You won't see a bathtub in my yard as a planter.

But you will see this…

Yep, that's a door.  On its back.  With glass on top of it.  So we now call it a table.

It all started when we built our first house.  We had an extra door.  I think it's because we changed the original plan and added french doors to our office instead of this plain old solid core door that was supposed to be there.  But we kept the door.  Hmmmm what to do with it?

My idea was to turn it into an outdoor table.  It was real long (tall) so it could accommodate 10 people and I knew it could look cool.  Not your run of the mill "outdoor table."  BP (the husband) liked the idea too and knew it was a relatively simple task so it was off to work!  He went to Home Depot and they cut him the wood he needed to make the base.

He then screwed it together and attached it as you can see above.  Easy as pie, he said.  Wait, pie can be hard to make.  Easy as baking a cake from a box!  Which I really hate doing by the way.  Next, he painted it to match the white color of the door.  That's where I came in.  I started making calls to local shops to find who could supply me with the glass.  I found a place that did it for around $150.  They also came out and attached it with that rubber stuff.  See?
We did make one major mistake.  While we sealed the outer ledge, like you see above, we did forget to seal this…

The door knob space.  Which means little bugs have gotten under the glass and well, you know, they never leave.  Super appetizing to see!   But we overlook it and it's fine.  However, you may not want to make the same mistake!  

We've been using our door table for years now… and everyone comments on it.  The number one problem I need to address in the very near future is the lame chairs that "go with it"…. their actually just chairs that were left in a house that BP bought years ago!  I recovered them and stuck them outside.  They've been their ever since!  Seriously, under my patio for 10 years now!  It's really time to retire them.

Maybe this summer I'll try to look for some.  Along with finishing my formal living room, play/guest room, my closet plus remodeling my shower/bath, putting tile in the kids bathrooms and the 5 other things we still want to do in 2014.   Yea, I'll get on that soon.   

I know I didn't go into detail about the exact way we made the table so if you have any questions about it, make sure to ask!  Then, I'll ask BP and get you the answer!