Thursday, October 1, 2015

Periscope: Challenges & Opportunities!

The Headlines:

I'm doing another Periscope challenge

And you can too!

It's called #Octoberscopers

A little over  a month ago I told you about something relatively new called Periscope.  I talked about how, with it, anyone can be a live "broadcaster" as long at they download the app.  No longer do we need to be employed television journalists to go LIVE!  Read the full story HERE.

No doubt about it, Periscope is a fascinating tool.  For so many reasons.  The live aspect, it's interactive, it helps people connect, it can increase sales, build a business.  The possibilities are endless really.

That's why I'm doing it again.

A big group of us, mostly bloggers, are jumping on the bandwagon to support and entertain each other during the month of October.  The group has grown exponentially and it's really amazing what the two gals at workingmommagic & girlonthemoveblog have done!  I've learned so much and enjoyed meeting random people all over the country who also have blogs like mine.

I'm excited to get re-started and will do what I can daily but I will admit there are some
Challenges With Periscope:

1 - It's Exhausting
Posting is a lot of work if you want to prepare some decent content.  But more than that... you also need to put in your time watching others.  Depending upon how many you're following... that can be a lot of work.  My phone is "ding-ing" non-stop and it's really hard to keep up with.  Sure you can catch them on the replays.  But even then... it's a time sucker!

2 - It Can Be Distracting
I used to jump on when I heard the ding all the time, whenever and wherever I was at the moment.   But I quickly found it can be loud and confusing to those you are with if they're not fully on board the whole Periscope thing.

3 - Your Family Begins to HATE you!
Because I'm a Mom and wife my husband and children really want me to pay attention to them (especially on the weekends)!  Therefore, they do not appreciate hearing other people speak to me all the time via my phone!

4 - It Drains Your Phone and GIGS Quickly
Which is why I now need to limit my Periscoping, mostly, to when I'm at home so I can use wi-fi.  I couldn't even do it at all the last few days of my phone payment cycle in September.

5 - It's not that Flattering to FACES!
Being from the TV world... I had a photographer, lighting and some SPACE between me and the camera.  Periscope gives you NONE of that, since you're holding your phone with your arm so you have to get used to seeing yourself in a new, sometimes not so flattering, light.

Keeping those challenges in mind - here are ways to take those challenges and turn them into Periscope Opportunities:

1- Prepare Content
Know what you're going to talk about and try to have a bit of an outline.  That's why I often use my blogs.  They help keep me on track.  During Periscope, you easily lose track of what you're saying when you have people asking you questions as you talk.   Sure, I used to have producers talking in my ear piece when I was on LIVE TV - but this is different and actually more difficult.  So know where you're going with your thoughts!

2- Use Earbuds
I can't believe I didn't think of the earlier but another scope mentioned it the other day!  Because your family starts to hate you... get some earbuds.  You may want to hear what others scopers are saying but others, often, don't!

3- Don't Be a Slave to Periscope 
Since the "ding" goes off constantly... you have to know that doing what you can is good enough.  We all want to support other Periscopers but not at the risk of losing all your OTHER FRIENDS (and family)!   Try to catch up on replays but don't take it personally if every single other Periscoper doesn't join in when you speak... just give them lots of hearts the next time to make up for it!

4 - Keep Your Phone on Wi-fi Whenever Possible 
It will drain your battery and use up your gigs QUICKLY if you're not careful so if you're not on wi-fi beware and jump on later.

5 - Test Your Video BEFORE You GO LIVE
This is a big one!  PAY ATTENTION to it!  Use your video camera on your phone to see how you look before you go live.  Check your lighting, move to a better spot if you need to... looks at your angles and pay attention to your background!  This is an opportunity many of us can seize to get better.  There are also some tripods out there... of which I have not gotten but it's an option.  People love pictures but the picture must be viewable, not distracting and as good as you can get it.  That... is something I certainly learned over the years through my experience in TV NEWS!

*** Wait, I have one more quick final TIP:  WATCH YOUR SCOPES!  This is what you do in the news business too... watch yourself.  See what you like and don't like.  It will make you better, hands down.

Finally, if you'd like to join Periscope... anyone can.  It's your twitter username, since they're connected.  Mine is: click on that and you should be able to follow me.

Here's my Periscope from today:

And/or if you want to be a part of the #Octoberscopers challenge... be our guest.  Just use that hashtag and find other #Octoberscopers who will support you.  Just remember:  don't stress out, we all understand your real life matters just as much (if not a whole LOT more), so do what you can, when you can and have some fun!

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