About Me

Hi!  I'm Nicole McGregor.  A former Television Journalist.  A current Real Estate Agent/Household CEO/Mommy/Decorator/Party Planner/Cook/Wife/and DIYer.

This blog is called One Picky Chick... because I feel like we've only got One Life - One opportunity to get it right.  I'm going to try my best... to do the best with it.

I've always been picky.  It started as a young child and has never stopped.

Now, I put that pickiness to the test when I try to find buyers and sellers the house the right house, in the right neighborhood for the right price.  My passion has long been turning houses into homes.

As a young woman my personality led me to be a speaker and writer.  I was a television journalist for almost 20 years.  I went to Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA as a Communications major.  After graduation, I studied journalism at Stanford.   My first "real job" was at a tiny TV station in Victorville, CA.  I soon moved to an NBC station in Kennewick, WA.  Next up was Spokane, WA (ABC).   After several years there, I traveled back home to Orange County, California.  where I anchored the nightly newscasts for a cable station called the Orange County News Channel (OCN).

Finally, I rounded out my career at the NBC affiliate in Phoenix, AZ on their morning show.   It was also during this time I attended Real Estate School and got my Real Estate License.  After I got married and bought my first house, homes, decorating, DIY and remodeling became a real passion for me.  I love it all.  I currently work for Posh Properties.

In 2011, after the birth of my second child, I hung up my microphone for the last time.  I no longer wanted to tell others stories... I wanted to tell my own.  I started this blog as a way to do that.  We all have a story to create.  And we all have just one chance to do it.  Let's get it right.

People still ask me, "do you miss your former job?"  My answer is simple:  no.  I'd be missing out on so much more if I was still doing that.  So, with this blog I write about what I love.  Parenting, married life, remodeling, houses, party planning, decorating, cocktails, food, kid ideas, some health, some products and a teeny bit of fashion.  I think I may be the luckiest, picky person in the world.

Come with me!  I'm One Picky Chick...


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