Friday, August 29, 2014

Treatless Birthdays????

The Headlines:

Kids aren't allowed to celebrate birthdays with treats in our school (anymore).

So here's my alternative.

This is kind of a big deal.  Some parents are really annoyed about it.  As of this year, there are no actual treat/snacks allowed in our public school to celebrate children's birthdays.  I knew it would come to this some day.  It started with only store bought treats, due to allergies.  Which I totally get since my daughter has a terrible food allergy.  Then, last year we were told to bring in only healthy treats.  We brought "pretzels and pencils" at the beginning of the year but by the end it was a free for all.  This year, we're told no food items at all.  No popsicles, popcorn, no fruit, no veggies.  No FOOD.  Apparently it's part of the first lady's healthy eating initiative.

Parents are ticked.  They feel like they're taking all the fun out of a child's birthday.  They kind of are.  Especially for busy, working parents who have no time but to stop by the market and buy some cupcakes.  I get that.  But I have bigger fish to fry - this is not a battle I'm taking on.  Plus, the less sugar in my kids - the better.  And, honestly, it gives me another outlet to be creative!  So away I went.

Here's what I came up with:

Huh? Yea, let's break it down.  For the girls I did this:

If it's to hard to see but it says:  Savy's birthday - take to Twitter… or just use this body glitter.  I just wrote the saying on normal computer paper and then I taped it to pretty, scapbook paper.  Then I put it in a cellophane bag and tied it up with some body glitter inside.

Cute.  For the boys I did this:

It says:  It's Savy's birthday… who should we call?  No worries boys, have a bouncy ball!  Then did the same as above but with a baseball bouncy.

They're 8… so we're on the brink of this stuff not being cool but I think I can get away with it, at least, for this year.  Next year may be more of a challenge.

Then for my daughter, since she's the birthday girl - I did this:

It says:  Love you Savy - you're so great.  Mom and Dad are glad you're 8.  We'll see you soon and when we do… I''ll have a treat for you too!  Then I stuck a hand written heart that says "SHhhhhhhhh it's a surprise!"

For me too, actually.  I'm not sure what I'm going to give her!

Then, I wrapped it like above.  This happened - truthfully - because I ran out of body glitter so I had to improvise.  So I think I'm going to hold onto one of her Birthday prizes so she can open it after school on the day these guys are given out.

All in all, I'm happy with this…  bummer she can't have a "treat" in her class but perhaps this is even better?  One could argue that… others wouldn't agree.  Like I said, I pick my battles.  This, is just not one of them.  Not today anyways.  Bottom line, Birthdays should be celebrated.  Especially when you're a kid.  Everyone agrees with that… what they may not agree with - is how that happens is no longer up to them.   At least in some public schools.

So good luck to you!  If this is going on in your child's school - let me know what you do or better yet - just steal my idea.  And while you're at it - tell me what you think of the whole thing?  Good, bad or indifferent?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Papaya/Mango Fish Tacos!

The Headlines:

Last big, holiday weekend of the Summer.

Celebrate it with grilling out!

Which means less work for women… here's what I mean.

I have probably mentioned a time or two that we are big grillers here.  One of the reasons for this is obvious.  At least to me it is.  Maybe not to BP (the husband).  Very simply, it means I actually don't have to cook.  Mmmmm -hmmmmm ladies… you too have probably figured this out... but the real truth behind grilling is that we do less work.  The "man of the house" does it, right?  Right on!

Therefore, on weekends I'm off duty and BP is on dinner duty.  It's AWESOME!

So, for the last holiday weekend of the Summer, break out a new, amazing grill recipe to up the ante a bit.  Like this one:

It's a Halibut Fish Taco with a Papaya/Mango Salsa and it is so very good it makes me crazy!
The perfect way to cap off the Summer of 2014.

Here's what you'll need:

Ranch dressing (my fav is Hidden Valley)

For Salsa:
1 Papaya
4 ripe Mangos
3 Roma tomatoes
1/4 red onion
1/3 bunch of cilantro
2-3 ounces of orange juice
juice of 1 lime
salt and pepper

Here's what you'll do:
Prepare halibut and grill how you normally do.  Or if there is no "normal":  click here for grilled halibut instructions  … I gave our "recipe" for that earlier in the Summer when we did a "Summerito".

Then chop all of the ingredients needed for salsa in small cubes and put into a bowl. Add the oj, lime juice and salt/pepper to taste.  Done!  It will last in your fridge for days ( dare I say a week or more, I think the lime juice preserves the stuff).  It will feed many people.  Seriously probably enough for about 20 tacos.

Sometimes I also just throw it out for a different kind of appetizer: chip and salsa dish.  It's a sweet/salty combo a lot of people like.  Plus, it looks great doesn't it?  Like Summer on a plate.  Have I used that line before?  It's a good one so I probably have…

Back to the fish tacos: once that salsa and grilled halibut is fini - you just heat up those tortillas on the grill or your burner, line the fish, salsa and dressing on top...

fold… and eat!  Yum.  I ate one for lunch today.  Leftovers.

Try it this weekend because it's a 3 day and you deserve a (grilled) break!  Tonight mention to your hubby:  "Honey, how does a fun BBQ sound this weekend?  I've got a cool new idea to try out!  You in?"  If there's hesitancy in any way, throw in:  "Also, I think there's a deal on _____ (whatever his favorite beer is) at _____ (whatever your local grocery store is) - it's like crazy cheap!"

Gets 'em every time.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Cheese & Crackers! It's what's for Dinner.

The Headlines:

Cheese, crackers & wine.

The dinner of champions.

These crackers make every cheese taste like you're a little closer to heaven.

About 13 years ago, before marriage and kids,  I was talking to my mom on the phone on a random friday night.  I was with BP (the now husband) in Scottsdale and I told her I was making dinner.  To which she said, "You are?"  A cook I was NOT.  "What are you making?" she asked.  Cheese and crackers I replied.  She laughed and still does to this day.

Yes, I have long loved cheese and crackers.  Throw in some prosciutto and wine... I am good on any given night.  Even now.

Many of my friends do the same occasionally.  Husbands are out to dinner (working), kids have eaten and it's quiet Mom time.  You aren't up for making a meal but you can cut some cheese and throw out some crackers.  Or it's been a long weekend with lot of eating,  I call it a "food hangover" … and I just want a little some'n some'n… I reach for my trusty cheese and crackers.  Healthy, not really.  Light, kinda. Satisfying, always.  

The key, however, to the cheese and cracker dinner is not only some yummy cheese but an excellent cracker.  It can honestly take a decent cheese up a couple notches.  In the case of the 7 grain cracker it can elevate a cheese exponentially!

I joke not.

This cracker is like little pieces of manna falling from heaven as ordered by the Lord himself.
I have tried many a cracker in my time and this is just head and shoulders above the rest.  It is called:

It used to be called Kashi's TLC 7 Grain but they dropped the TLC.  I was very confused.  But not to fear, same cracker.  For the record, I'm not paid anything to say this… in fact, I'm not paid anything/ever for any of these posts.  As I write that I feel a little depressed actually.  Hmmmm….

Anyways, it's a really good cracker and I mean it.  Not to mention, probably a tad healthier than others but I'm not making any serious claims there.  So, if you're ready to elevate your cheese and cracker status, go here, fast.  I'm pretty sure they're sold everywhere.  Gosh I kind of sound like a commercial, don't I?  Maybe I should ask for a royalty from someone?  Naaaaaah, that's not going to happen.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BEST Blended Marg (machine) ever!

The Headlines:

The Summer is winding down.

But we still have a good 2 months of making killer Margs.

This machine (and my tip) will make your BLENDED Margaritas even better.

You probably know by now One Picky Chick likes One Good Cocktail from time to time.  Especially in Arizona.  Even more during the Summer.  There's always a party to be throwing/attending/planning here.  Plus, during the Summer, we hang out in pools.  A lot.  It's pretty hot in the Sonoran Desert.  And pool goes hand in hand with a fun drink!  The heat further specifies a COLD, blended drink!

So I bring you this...
Blended Mango Margarita
I know… it's awesome. I'll tell you how to make it in a sec.  But first,  I have to explain the Blended, at home, Margarita - couldn't be a Blended Margarita without this…

If you can't see it… it's a Margaritaville Blender, specific for… well need I say…?  Yea, it's Jimmy Buffet's brand and it's sold, like, everywhere.  Just hop on the internet.

This is the deluxe one but I think you can pick one up for tops $200…. maybe even less somewhere (Amazon?).  Point is, a normal blender doesn't even come close.  This more "shaves" the ice then blends.  You'll be amazed. 

Now, back to the actual frozen concoction we made.  TIP ALERT: I can tell you, besides this machine the other key to a great blended cocktail is FROZEN FRUIT.  Just adding ice to your little juice/alcohol mix doesn't do it.  It's the frozen fruit that puts it in a completely different stratosphere. 

So, for the this little Mango ditty -- you need to get -- you betcha.. frozen Mangoes!  

Here's what you need:
3 oz Silver tequila
1 oz orange liqueur
2 oz mango juice
squeeze of lime juice
1 to 1 & 1/2 cups of frozen mango
1 cup of ice
(makes 1 large drink or 2 small ones)

Here's what you do:
SIMPLE.  Plop all the above into the MARGARITAVILLE blender and mix/blend until it's the desired consistency.  You'll know… it's very similar to a Jamba Juice (if they have those where you are).

Lastly, if you're not into mangos… you can fill in the blank with your own favorite fruit.  For example, use the above recipe but sub out frozen mango and mango juice for frozen strawberries and strawberry juice.  Or whatever your heart desires!  That basic recipe will work with anything.

Bottom line, it will knock your socks off, keep you cool and extremely happy because it's so yum!  Try it this weekend while sitting at the pool/beach or lake!!!  It just chills me out thinking about it!

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Love of a Son.

The Headlines:

I am my baby boy's first love.

But I won't be for long.


My son is 3 years old.  I love that boy.  And he really loves me.  That sounds weird to say out loud but it's true.  Why does he love me so…?  Besides birthing him, which really doesn't guarantee love at all… I am the one and only consistent woman in his life.  My daughter had many "caregivers" that spent equal time with her (a nanny in the a-m, me in the afternoon and her Dad at night).  Since I quit my job when my son was born he has had…. me.  There's another girl in his life, his sister, but I'm different.

I can honestly say we have adored each other since the moment he was born.  If you have a son… you probably know what I mean.  The moment he looked into my eyes at the hospital I knew he was my guy (my daughter's my girl) - so no better than my her - but different.

When I went home from the hospital I told BP (the husband) "I'm sorry, I have a new man in my life…" and I was serious.  Maybe it's because I worked so hard for him.  I tried for a long time to get that kid so perhaps deep down inside he knows that and appreciates it.  But not really.  I tend to think it's more universal than that.

I believe there is something to "mama's little boy" and "daddy's little girl"… the opposite sex attracting, the innate search for a spouse that begins at birth, I have no clue but it's there.  And that's okay but it's also a lot of responsibility, right?  As if parents don't have enough to deal with -- now we're also responsible for the people they end up marrying.  Because, on some level, we are you know.  Your son or daughter is watching everything you do from the time they are born until the time they get married and they're either going to marry someone very similar or someone completely opposite.  Sometimes it's somewhere in between but the point is… what you do now matters.

But I digress… back to the original point of the post which is simply… someday the love I receive from my son - will end up with another woman.  I will be replaced.  It's normal, it has to happen but to think about it is sad.  And odd.  I know it's really early, but I can't help it.  It hit me the other night when I was taking him to bed.

Since his birth day this has been my job.  He will NOT let anyone else do it, even his Father, if I am in the house.  Don't get me wrong, he loves his dad a ton and sometimes he's allowed to read to him before the official bedtime "ritual" begins (which includes turning off lights, praying, singing and then sleeping) but when it comes to that ritual -- everyone is ordered out -- except me.  On this night, last week, his Dad was reading to him with me there.  It was a sweet book about a Mom and son telling each other how much they love each other.  As Dad read, my son looked at me and stroked my face, adoringly, like admiring every part of my little head.  At that moment it was clear - as it has been many times before - he is not only the love of my life - but I am his.  For now.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.  Including that… yep, someday, hopefully later than sooner… that will change.

I am getting ahead of myself.  Last week my son started 3's pre-school.   So this "loss of love" is not imminent but the little milestones get you to think.

We all know someday (like by 7) my son is no longer going to kiss me with his juicy lips, or tell me over and over again I'm his "best girl…" he is no longer going to insist I watch every move that he makes in the pool and he will certainly not need me to take him to bed anymore.  Inevitably, somewhere in his 20's someone else will be on the receiving end of all that attention.

Though far way,  I can already imagine that's a hard thing for many Moms to handle.  Possibly even painful.  I know some Moms that don't handle it well.  They resent the new woman in their son's life, they compete, they struggle with the "replacement"… and everyone is angry.  The son is caught in a virtual tug of war - stuck in the middle of his old and new love.  He eventually has to pick a side.  No good comes from it.

I can see how this could happen because I love my little man so much - a little man who will become a big man and I will eventually have to let go… or face a tug of war.

It's different with a daughter, don't you think?  Moms and daughters are more true friends than true loves.  Because of that she will never fully leave.  You can have more than one true friend.  Not so with a true love.  A daughter will always seek, need and want a mom's advice (to a certain degree) and Moms are glad, maybe even relieved, to give it.  That's what friends do.

It's the boy that will someday actually break my heart.  Like a love lost.

I, eventually, will be replaced with his one, real true and everlasting love.
When it's the sure love of his life - that new woman will grab, expect and deserve most of his time.  I will step back, let the new woman in and he will leave me for good.  I can imagine that day may be one of the saddest and happiest of my life.  For times like the pictures below will seem like "yesterday"…

For now I will soak in those heavy hugs, I will lap up the random "I love you's" and I will never ever get tired of him saying "I want you" every time he heads to bed.  Before I know it - he will no longer cry for me.  Reality is: the other type of love will win him over.  Because the love a son carries for his Mom is special and unique but it will change over time.  It has to…

So as his mother I will love my son today loudly, tomorrow quietly and forever silently.  My hope is he will love me back the same way - or perhaps - just his own way.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Surprise Guacamole!

The Headlines:

This is not a typical guacamole.

It's much better.

Think of it as a regular guacamole with a dose of sunshine thrown in.

Seriously Summer.

We do a lot of guacamole out here in Arizona.  BP (the husband) has totally mastered how to make an exceptional one.  Guests rave about it and I gobble it.  You can find it HERE

But sometimes… you want to mix it up.  Well, at least I do.  Yep, One Picky Chick.  It drives BP crazy (though I know he secretly kinda loves it!).   Basically I like to throw an old dish a new curve ball.  That's what we did here and boy did it turn out fabulous.

I call it Summer Surprise Guacamole.  Why?  Because there's a few ingredients that you don't really expect in this puppy.   Mainly this:

That pineapple makes it kinda like you're biting into a bit of Summer!  I made it for some people this weekend and they all wanted this very link!

Here's what you need:
4 avocados
1/2 cup green salsa
2 tbpns sour cream
1 cup of canned pineapple, drained
1 cup black beans, rinsed and drained
4 tbspns finely chopped red or yellow onion, whichever you prefer
4 tbspns chopped cilantro
2 tbspns minced garlic
few good squeezes of lime juice
1/2 tsp cumin
salt to taste
tabasco (optional)
1/2 cup shredded white cheese of your choice

Here's what you do:
In a large bowl mash avocados, stir in salsa and sour cream.  Add pineapple, beans, onion, cilantro, garlic, lime juice and cumin… then sprinkle some salt in to taste.   Add tabasco here if wanted/needed.  It certainly adds some good zest!  Then chill in fridge for at least an hour.  Before serving sprinkle cheese on top.  Serve with chips.

Be careful - this stuff will disappear fast.  If you have a big Summer BBQ or party definitely double the recipe!  You can't have just one (or 5)!

Pin for later:

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I Love (good) Magazines!

The Headlines:

I really like to read a good mag…

In my hands, flipping pages.

Does that make me old and out of touch?

Here are my favorites!

I love magazines.  I have been reading them for years.  I would say it started, of course, before the advent of the internet on every personal device we own - as a morning reporter in Phoenix, Arizona.  In the wee hours of the morning, I sat in live trucks… for sometimes, hours.  We would arrive, talk to the interview subject, do the live shot, wait for another hour and do another live shot.  During that time, I had a lot of time… so I used it.  I read magazines.  Lots of times I got really good story ideas from them.

But some magazines I would save… for the weekend.  With a glass of wine I flipped through looking for products, decorating ideas, party plans… it gave me a good spring board for life.  At one point, I was probably subscribing to like 15 at a time.  Cottage Living, Living, Country Living, Real Simple, FOOD, Food & Wine, Parents, Parenting, Phoenix Magazine, Phoenix Home & Garden, In Style… yea, the list goes on.  It was my old Pinterest.

But even since the start of the IPhone & IPad and the demise of some of those good magazines… I still like to look at them - touch, tear and turn.  I am not alone.  Some of my friends are even trading magazines (and we're not 87 years old, I promise)!  It all started because I hated looking at one mag and then just getting rid of it… such a waste.  So I pass it on to whomever I can.  Especially one friend, we have a direct trade thing going.  You basically get double the fun!

There are a few magazines I won't pass along.  Because they are so chock full of information or are so cool looking - I don't want to!  Here is my list:

Overall Winner:

Coastal Living tops it.  It's my favorite.  I love to look at this magazine all year long even though we don't live at the beach (and lots of times they feature pools too)! It makes me yearn for warmth during the Winter and appreciate Sun in the Summer.  They have great houses to look at inside and fun products too.  I love it.

Then there's this one. It's my

Cover Winner:

Martha Stewart's Magazine, Living, is almost a sure thing in terms of the cover.  I place it out each month.  It's pretty much why I buy the magazine.  The content is a little less full in my opinion.  I get through it in less than 30 minutes every time.  It just seems to me to be a little too complicated.  Some good ideas but also many that would require me to hire someone to do it for me!  But those covers… so good… keeps me coming back!

Home/Lifestyle Winner:

The next magazine has a lot of bang for it's buck.  Better Homes and Gardens is an oldie but goodie.  It has morphed with the times and has gotten better with age.  It is always inexpensive and has a bunch of great content.  Not "decorative" worthy… very flimsy cover and a little busy but the content inside blows most magazines away especially for the price.

Parent Winner:
I do not have have a picture of it but for a Parent content magazine… I like Family Circle the best.  It has a good mix of information.  Better than some others who will remain nameless.

Guilty Pleasure Winner:

I have to be honest… I do not buy these magazines.  They're too much of a guilty pleasure.  It effects my life, on a scale of 1-10, zero.  I mean really, I don't care whose dating who or having which baby daddy daughter named some weird "nectar flower south" name that no one else has or would ever want.  Whatever.  But while at the pedicure place or the hair salon - I read.  For fun.  I can't bring myself to buy… but my friend does and I accept.  People has the longest track record and not as many reality star stories as, let's say,  Life & Style Magazine.

Here's another positive.  I always say kids go where you go - not where you point.  I am not really an avid book reader.  Kids need to read books.  So at least I'm picking up a magazine and showing my young son and sweet daughter that I know how to read (or at least look at pictures).  But honestly, they see me do that and it does have some reinforcement factor.  At least, so says Dr. Nicole.  

In any case, there ya have it.  I like magazines.  I will always like magazines.  Perhaps more than Pinterest.  Maybe that makes me old but I'd like to think it makes me classic.  Actually, I know it does.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Eat More Salmon (with this sauce)!

The Headlines:

Salmon is good for you.

Grilling salmon is awesome.  

Salmon sauce makes it even better!

We eat a lot of Salmon in my house.  For a couple reasons: #1 being it is on every single "10 Best Foods List" ever invented.  It is healthy, definitely, and that is a good thing so says BP (the husband).  Because it gives meaning to the #2 reason we eat a lot of Salmon: his yearly trip to Alaska to fish for it!  Yes, honestly BP loves to do it.   I think he really thinks he's like, hunting and gathering for his family.  It makes him proud.  But let's not kid ourselves here.  He also just likes to get away, drink lots of beer with other guys and talk about - I don't know - football, work stuff, the one that got away (while fishing that is) and maybe the size of Kate Upton's upper half…?  She IS a big girl!  Anyways, whatever it is they're doing - while fishing - he does it well.  He always comes back with a LOT of fish.  And boy do we eat it.  My kids love it and I am happy to serve it.

Now ask me if we couldn't just buy the same amount of fish fresh from a good supplier for less than half the price of the trip and I'm sure the answer would be ---- yes ---- bottom line is BP wants to do this.  He really really does.

So since we have a lot of the yummy stuff… we do lots with it.  One of my favorite ways to serve it is sliced as Sashimi.  There are no parasites in this fish (I have a great story about that which I really should share later, are you aware of what the ginger is REALLY on your plate for?  Hint: it's not a palate cleanser) - it's as fresh and as organic as it comes!  I am way happier serving sushi to my kids at home than from the Sushi Station down the street.  They could eat mounds of Sashimi… but I do choose to serve Salmon more ways than with soy sauce.  One of the most simple is this:

It's a grilled Salmon made with a little side sauce that makes it sing louder than a wide woman in church!

Here's what you need:

Salmon filet
(**BP says they have well priced wild caught Alaskan Salmon at Costco right now in Arizona but there's different buyers all over the country so check it out for yourself)
lemon juice
garlic salt
sour cream
green onions chopped small (scallions, chives… whatever your family calls them)
salt and pepper to taste (if needed)

Our Salmon always comes like this:

frozen and shrink wrapped from his last big catch.

Here's what you do:

We thaw it in the sink (careful to cut the plastic tip and propped up so the water comes leaking out rather than sitting and making the salmon MEELY - yuck), then he (BP) puts it in a pan, splashes it with lemon juice and throws garlic salt on it.  He places it in the fridge until he's ready to grill.  When he is… he puts it on the grill, indirectly, at 275 with sliced lemons on the meat part to keep the fat in (yum) - for about 2 to 2 & a half hours… remove and eat immediately.

The sauce is simple too: just mix the sour cream, horseradish, green onions with some lemon juice to taste… you can add a little salt and/or pepper if you feel like you need it.  See so simple.

It's a never fail, easy dish that guests always enjoy and our kids do too.  They just usually leave the sauce off!  Yep, I love the sauce for a little variance but get the right Salmon and you can easily eat it "naked"… it's just THAT good.

Wait, the fish is "naked"… not you.  Was that confusing?  I like to eat with clothes on, for sure.   Well, maybe if I was Kate Upton…? 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Potty Talk!

The Headlines:

Some people may think this is weird.

But I think it's cute.  

We put in a urinal.

A few years ago I saw a urinal in a friends house.  I stored the thought - because in my mind it was super cool.  Now, I know that is incredibly debatable because I have since told friends I would do the same and they have turned their nose up.  "Eeeeeewwwww gross" is their reply.  Other times people agree with me.  And, guys, well they just think it's awesome.

First, get your mind out of the gutter.  I define my style as "Desert Cottage" so the urinal in my lavatory is not going to be like the one you inadvertently saw at that gas station when you were a child. I know it was dirty, smelly and it probably scarred you for life.  As that same experience scarred me when I was a girl.  I was so confused.  What WAS that thing?  Yeah… no way.  My urinal will be cool.  There is such a thing.  Read on.

We moved into a new house about 2 years ago and when we did we had a fairly large lavatory room with a toilet and a bidet in the master bath.  The house is about 20 years old and I think bidet's were more popular here in the states around that time.  Below is a picture.  Sorry it's not very good.  Totally forgot to take a good "Before" picture.  I almost always do.
There's the bidet hidden behind the laundry thing in the corner there.  See it?  When the remodel of the lavatory began - we painted the room white, yanked out that bidet, put in a wood floor and added the urinal.  We also made the window a full square vs. the "Azteca-Step" type window (not really pictured well) it was before.  It now looks like… drum roll please… this…

I loved it.  But of course it was missing something.  Something very important.  Like, in my mind the room would never work without this one finishing touch. I was dying to get them!  Then I found a gal on ETSY who made these…

Yep, they are "His" and "Her" signs and they totally complete the room.  
I love them!  Look closer 

They're that Feminine/Rustic/Shabby Chic-y look I like so much.  She usually makes them as Mr./Mrs signs - obviously for weddings - but I asked if she could do these instead.  She did but I'm not sure she'll do it again.  I think it was a little labor intensive.  She does great work. 


If you're interested - you can find her here. Her name is Kerri, she's from Missouri, and her shop is called KerriArt. 

Bottom line, I love it!  The signs complete the room.

See… in two years, we had used the bidet a total of ZERO times.  Now, my 3 year old son thinks the urinal is the coolest thing ever.  He's already given it a whirl!  Using a step stool of course.  Hands down, it's a much better use of space...

Even if some of my (crazy) friends are a little grossed out!  What do you think? 

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