Define Your Style

The Headlines:

I love to decorate.

It can be hard.

Make it easier - Define your Style.

Huh?  "What is she talking about," you say?  Really, like you have any time as it is - now some picky chick wants you to "Define your Style?"

Yes I do.  I really really do.

Since I've lived in Arizona I've called my style "Desert Cottage"  And even though they're just words... they've helped me mold the look of my house - or what I want it to be.  How?  By creating a road map.  When I did my kitchen and bathroom remodel, when I decorate AT ALL... that "Defined Style" is my goal.  Lately, that style has emerged a bit.  I've decided to add a more glamorous or should I say sophisticated edge to my home.  I feel like I'm growing up or graduating maybe.   I now call it "Desert Cottage Elegance" and that one word has helped me specify the direction in which  now I choose to go.

"Defining your Style" is similar to someone who loves football then picks a team to root for... now that person has skin in the game!  They feel like they're a part of something bigger and want to invest more time and energy in THEIR team!  Like YOUR home.  Don't just live there... get some skin in the game.

While "Defining your Style" may sound easy - and it is (for some) -  for others it can be a challenge.  There are 100's of potential styles out there.  Get specific.  A definition of style needs to be at least 2 or more words.  Bad examples: casual,  southwestern, country.  Those are too non-descript.  Better examples: beach casual, modern southwest, country chic.  Sometimes it can even be a phrase.  I was visiting a friend's house the other day and we came up with the term "Industrial City Chic."  Because that's what her home aims to be and, believe it or not, the description helps it become that.  My other friend Defined her Style as "Sophisticated Coastal" - you can see her pad HERE... it's GORGE!

I recently chatted with a friend about my defined style notion.  She then went home and started thinking about it.  On her own, she came up with "Casual Elegance"and she says it's helped her focus tremendously.  Now, she no longer feels overwhelmed by too much of a good thing.  She can go through her house and decide what fits her plan and what doesn't.  It's like losing weight - she's getting rid of what she doesn't need!

You can do this too!  Ask friends how they would describe your style.   Look at your house and  Pinterest, show them what you like and inevitably a style will emerge.

In closing, I will say one more thing.  I've seen some homes that are fabulous.  Just perfect.  Like an awesome hotel room, you know the type?  But they lack something.  No matter how much money you spend on your house if you don't "Define your Style" you'll never know who your house aims to be... because the heart of your home will be missing.  And a family home deserves some heart.

Define your Style.  You'll be glad you did.

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