Tuesday, April 21, 2020

5 EASY Improvements to Sell Your House (after COVID Quarantine)

The Headlines: 

Stuck in Your House?

Has it made you realize... you need a Home?  

April 2020 is the month we all spent inside.

I wrote a blog on this a few weeks ago explaining why I think this could be a good thing for families all over the world.  You can check that out HERE

But I also predict 3 other things will happen during this time of "quarantine":
  1. Agoraphobia cases (a type of anxiety disorder which can eventually lead to a fear of leaving your home - going outdoors) in the U.S. will rise.  While people will soon get the OK to go back to normal, some won't feel comfortable doing so and sadly it could impact them... for a long time.   
  2. There will be more Divorces.  The number of cases in China have already gone up.  Typically, a bad marriage won't get better in isolation.  It will end.   
  3. People will want to move.  Left in their place of residence long enough - essentially trapped - they will decide it's time for a change of scenery.  Let me explain this one a little more.
There are two kinds of residences.

One is a house.  Simply used as a place to rest your head and eat a couple meals.   Many of us currently live in a house.  Why?  Because we're too busy working.  Keeping up with kid sports.  Shopping.  Catching a movie.  Going out to dinner.  Meeting people for coffee.  Going on vacations.  All of the things that have stopped happening for now.

The other place people live is a home.  This is a place where those inside really enjoy being.  They bought it because they wanted to be there as much as their schedules would allow.  They decorate, cook, play sports in the driveway, swim in the backyard.  They have friends over.  Watch Netflix.  It's a place that they leave because they HAVE to... now that's a home.

It's my contention that after the COVID conclusion... many people will be determined to leave their House and look for a Home.  Suddenly finding a home will become a priority,

If that's you... you may be thinking about selling sooner than later.  So here's some food for thought...

5 EASY Improvements to Sell Your House 

1 - Paint Baseboards
They immediately make your house pop.   The difference is worth the time & low cost.

2 - Install new Light Fixtures/Fans  
I'll be honest, I've taken buyers into homes and they immediately are smitten with the cool chandelier/pendant.  Do you then know how many times sellers will say, "light fixture does not convey."   Really?  That was one of the reasons my buyers perked up to begin with... it won't necessarily kill a deal but a scene stealer light will sweeten it!

3 - Take DOWN Curtains
Many curtains either scream - I'm dated or are too heavy for the room.  There are definite exceptions to this rule... but not many.  If you have curtains that truly enhance the room and you don't mind parting with them, leave them up.

But consider this, if you really like them and take them down before you market the house - YOU can keep them for your next place!  See, win-win.

4 - Replace faucets
It's easier than replacing a counter top and can give that extra sparkle that buyers will notice.

5 - Change the Door Handles/Knobs
This could cost a bit of coin, depending on the quality.  But if you've got old, perhaps brass knobs - you know what I'm talking about.

Consider doing it.  It's like sporting an awesome outfit and wearing old jewelry.  Conversely, put on some fabulous new earrings, throw on an amazing bracelet and it completes the new look!  SOLD!

This is a no brainer but it warrants mentioning.  Spring cleaning is great for selling a house.  The less stuff in it, the bigger it looks.  Think closet.  Stuffed closet means you don't have enough room.  Closet with space looks bigger.

And do a deep clean.  I mean get out those Magic Eraser Sponges and clean your place up!  You'd be surprised how many people DON'T do this and it's not good.

Finally tonight, I will say one more thing.  I've said it before multiple times.  I did a blog on it HERE  but it doesn't hurt to talk about it again in this forum.  Since we're on the subject and all...

Paint all your Walls White.   This, if you really want to take it up a notch and give your house the most opportunity to SELL FAST.  Painting clearly takes a little more work and possibly time and money...  But, WHITE walls go a loooooooong way.

I know everyone has a white obsession right now.  I always have (see above Blog Post).  But the reason is bigger than that.  No doubt White makes rooms looks larger.  But even more than that, color, even the slightest bit of it... can be offensive.  Think orange accent wall or purple bedrooms.

You may love it - but that potential buyer... hates it.

If you're thinking about buying or selling and want help doing it... don't hesitate to call or email me nicole@onepickychick.com or my brokerage Posh Properties.  Until then, stay safe, healthy and busy!  You may have some work to do...

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