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Fight Aging Hair: MONAT

The Headlines:

Need better hair?

I did too...

Try this.

I first wrote about my serious bummer hair last week.  You can read the most horrible hair story of ALL time HERE and BEWARE it's a doozy.  Basically, my hair was so bad the stylist I saw wasn't sure she wanted me to represent her "brand!"  Yea, for reals.

Thank goodness.  Turns out I didn't want to represent hers either.   But I do want to represent this:

Let me first say, I have never made ANY money off the content on my blog.  I do my blog simply because I like to write.  As a former television news reporter... I'm of the mind-set that's it's incredibly unethical to tell people about something just because someone is paying you to do so.  In case you didn't know, many, many blogs do that.   Therefore, I've only written about things I really like and stand behind.  That hasn't changed.  I am continuing to do that here today and if you happen to buy the hair products I'm talking about... you'll have better hair and I'll make a small commission.  I'm not really sure what it is because my main goal is to help your hair.   It sure helped mine!

Here's the deal: due to the normal process of aging... my hair started to get thinner, break and all around look crappy.  I've been devastated for a long time.  A braid was my normal go-to hair style.  My hair was dry, brittle, just plain bad.  It gets worse.  This Summer I actually started not washing the chlorine out of my hair because it made it fuller.  You absolutely heard me right.  I was using POOL WATER as a styling tool.

So, when my friend first inroduced me to MONAT (pronounced Moe-NATE - stands for Modern Nature) about a 3 months ago I was open to try something, anything that would give me results.  Nothing else had... trust me.  She showed me this picture (this is her actual husband folks)

and I was sold... on trying it.  After I used it, I was in even more.  It made my hair fabulous.  It was smoother, softer, healthier.  My entire family couldn't believe the change.

How does it work?  What's the difference between it and any other product?  Let's start with what's NOT in it.
  • NO ParabĂ©ns - could be linked to chronic disorders
  • NO Sulfates - can irritate scalp & skin
  • NO DEA/MEA - can irritate & be linked to skin conditions
  • NO Phthalates - can be toxic
  • NO PEG - can be linked to chronic disorders
  • NO Phenoxyethanol - can irritate eyes & skin
  • NO Ethanol - can dry & damage hair
  • NO Petrochemicals - can cause moisture loss & suffocation of hair
  • NO Glutens - linked to intolerance or allergic reactions 
  • NO Sodium Chloride
  • NO harsh Salts - linked to dehydration
  • NO harmful colors 
  • NO harmful fragrances
Instead, they've come up with patented, scientific blends that are naturally based.  Note, MONAT products are not "all-natural" because that would then mean they are free of any preservatives.  Free of preservatives mean they'd need to be cold packed and rushed to its destination.  Impossible for hair care.

What IS in Monat?  It's a proprietary blend of 11 unique molecular ingredients which include vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants among other things.  These ingredients mimic the bodies own natural oils, which as we age, we can lose leading to thinning, breakage and reduction of volume.

There are 3 key, clinically studied and proven ingredients in MONAT.
  • Capixyl - Powered with the Red Clover Extract.  It's a gentle, natural emollient which reduces scalp inflammation and increase hydration, leading to noticeable and proven hair growth.  
  • Procataline - Features Pea Extract.   A rich source of secondary metabolites that reduces the production of DHT.  A hormone that contributes to hair loss.
  • Cordasorb - a formula that protects hair from the intense environment.  Cordasorb helps preserve hair's pigmentation by protecting from UVA/UVB, while smoothing and hydrating the cuticle.     

That's not all... they also use a series of oils in their products.  Including...

  • Abyssinian - (a key ingredient of Rejuvenique Oil Intensive), which is from the Crambe Abyssinica plant, native to Central Africa.  The oil mimics the effect of silicon which lubricates and coats each strand to produce a rare type of shine.   
  • Camelia - known as tea-seed oil.  It's harvested from China, with it's extra vitamin E, it cleans and pampers dry strands next to the scalp.
  • Carrot Seed - sourced from Switzerland, it's rich in Vitamin A and Alpha Linolenic Aicd for anti-inflammatory protection. 
  • along with Baobab, Buriti, Monoi, Meadowform and Moringa

It's important to note that most of the ingredients above are found in MONAT's premier, "Crown Jewel" product called Rejuveniqe.  Rejuveniqe mimics our bodies own oils and therefore helps to nourish the hair and scalp without causing greasiness.  It is added to many of the MONAT products and helps battle psoriasis and eczema.

Now let me say I do still have bad hair days.  There will be ups and downs for everyone.  However, once you start MONAT there will be less downs and more ups.  You do need to know, for most, there is a 3 month ADJUSTMENT PERIOD.

The 1st month is a "Transition" Stage.  Many, including myself & BP (the husband), can experience a little flaking, scalp itching and even shedding.  This is happening because your hair is waking up!  It's circulation is going, the PH balance is equalizing and the buildup is sloughing off.  THIS IS GOOD.  

The 2nd month is  the "Recovering" Stage.   Everything you experience in the first month is starting to calm down.  Your hair has less tangling, it's healthier, baby hairs are growing if they haven't already and your losing a lot less hair.

The 3rd month is the "Stabilizing"  Stage.  Major results are starting to happen now.  Hair is noticeably thicker, more manageable and hydrated.  The hair you used to have, when you were younger, is back.

It's also important to note, that

So what do you do?  Decide what you need.  They have systems for all.  Hydration?  Hair restoration?  Volume?  Smoothing?  All of the products have the "anti-aging" elements in them.  They  even have fun products like Eye Lash & Brow serum.  Rejuvenique is one of their most highly coveted products.  It's an oil intensive that can help people who have psoriasis and excema on their scalp.  Rejuvabeads helps mend split ends.  I listed my 5 FAV products on my last post.  Click HERE for those.  To see the full product list click HERE or head to

To order there are 3 ways:  retail (the most expensive and you pay shipping), the VIP program (which gives you access to special deals, 15% off and free shipping as long as you buy over $84 worth of product on Flexship, which can be monitored & changed by the buyer... not to mention free exclusive products with purchases) and finally as a MONAT Market Partner, which gives you access to all of the fore mentioned plus 30% discounts.

Ask myself or your MONAT expert for products that are right for you.  Because better hair... is waiting... so go GET IT!  

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Hair Shaming. My Bad Hair Story.

The Headlines:

Some people have bad hair.

Don't Shame them. 

Help them.

I am a Leo.  Know what that means?  Well, it means many things.  It means I like to talk, entertain, meet people, have friends... a Leo can occasionally be a little self centered.  To some extent, I am all of that.  But it also means that I care deeply, passionately about my hair.  Think the lions mane.

I used to have really super good hair.  Lots and lots of it... at it's best in my late 20's to mid 30's.  In my opinion, it was pretty fabulous.  Until it wasn't.

My hair had been deteriorating for a while until the beginning of this year.  That's when it took a nose dive (the pic on the left was taken then).  I decided to switch hair stylists.  I was driving too far.  But not only that,  I didn't have good products and I wasn't visiting the salon often enough.  Maybe once every 2 1/2 to 3 months.  I thought I could continue to maintain my hair the way I used to... when I was younger.  But I was getting older.  So, I contacted a friend, who had great hair and asked her for her recommendation.  She gave it to me and I looked at the stylists website.  The price list throughly confused me.  I didn't know what I needed so I emailed the gal.  She, by the way, will remain anonymous for the duration of this story.  In the email, I asked, basically, if I could get a guess-timate as to what her hair service would cost.  I live in Scottsdale, AZ and things can get expensive here fast!  I, personally, had a budget of $200 to trim and color/highlight my hair.  Part of what I said is below:

"I have fairly long brown hair that needs a trim and highlights/color.  I looked at your pricing.  I'm hoping to keep it under $200 as I really hate spending so much on my stinking hair.  Do u think that's possible?" 

Apparently it wasn't.  Because she said this:

"It never hurts to ask but at this time I'm not making concessions for my prices.  If it helps we could do a haircut and base color one visit and weeks apart do highlights and toner.  Let me know if this could work for you and I'd be happy to get you scheduled."

Whaaaaaaaa?  I was so confused.  I literally replied, "no silly!  I don't want concessions I just want to understand my cost according to your price structure." She suggested a consult.  I saw her a week later and it was the worst meeting I've ever had with someone who was to perform a "service" for me.

The woman, by the way, owns her own "salon"  which happens to be just a 1 person space where there are lots of other tiny, individually owned salons.  From the start, she was incredibly condescending and rude.  Because of that, (kill them with kindness) I was extra friendly, as usual, and told her I was really looking for some hair help.   After some small talk she basically said my hair was in such terrible condition that she would never let me represent her brand.  She asked me what products I used, which I said I have no idea, "Paul-Su-Perk"!?  Meaning, I wasn't brand loyal since I'd never come across anything worth something.  She told me I really needed to invest in better and more expensive products.  She just couldn't believe I was so cute, with such an adorable figure and, essentially, horrible hair!  In order for her to rehab me it would cost $265... IF I would color my hair first on my own.

Did you catch that?  IF I COLORED MY OWN HAIR FIRST.

I was flabbergasted.  I felt 2 inches tall.  I left, called my friend and told her how I had never been treated so poorly.  So while I wouldn't be going to her, I would just ignore her and not say a thing.

Like I can do that...

I decided to write the stylist a meaningful and constructive email.  I felt compelled to let her know the way she behaved was NOT okay.  If she thought that was acceptable behavior, she surely must be told, it is not.  The following is the exact email I wrote:

I just want to let you know I won't be making an appointment with you.

Heres why: I've been in the news business for almost 20 years of my life.  During that time, I've had many people criticize me.  It comes with the job.  Because of that, I've developed thick skin.  Even when a viewer told me she wouldn't be sorry when I was raped because my skirts were too short.  I learned in -almost- every case, there was some validity to the criticism they gave me.  I shouldn't wear red lipstick, I had to speak slower, one consultant even came to my closet and told me to buy more color.  They were all correct.  

So I'm used to harsh messages.  Your message went beyond harsh - you were just mean.  I am aware my hair needs some extra care.  But your delivery needs some extra work.  You were condescending when I was playful.  You could have taken this as an opportunity to help someone in a bit a a hair slump not made me feel like committing hair suicide.

In short, maybe you are having a bad day but everyday you should not only work on your hair skills you should work on your people skills.  Being kind and uplifting matters way more than split ends.  

Please don't take this the wrong way... I truly mean for it to be constructive!


She wrote me back.  See below.  I agree... I always appreciate "honesty" - but there's also something to be said for common courtesy and respect.  She didn't get it.  She probably never will.  At least I got it off my chest.

Plus, turns out I got a whole lot more.  I now go to a stylist whom I'm VERY happy with...  and in just over 6 months I've had a hair transformation!  Due to not only her but also these new products I'm using. In fact, I like them so much... I'm selling them.

The line is called MONAT (Moe-NATE).  It stands for Modern Nature.  In a nutshell, they aim to fight AGING HAIR.  What a concept?  We have all these products to fight aging skin... but what about aging hair?

In my next post, I'll write in more detail about the "science" behind the brand.  But in a nutshell they're naturally based products, there's no sulphates, no parabens, no harsh salts, no gluten, no harmful colors or fragrances, no ethanol.  They're more expensive than the drugstore but in the ball park of salon product prices.  For me, the bottom line is, they really work.   Here are my fav/must have products.  Ask me about their discount program... they have one (VIP) that gives you %15 off your products plus free shipping.  Not to mention they have "bonus buys" all the time!

They are several shampoos but my personal favorite is the one that helps support re-growth and hair strength (the most - they all kinda do).  That's the Intense Repair Shampoo.  The masque, one of their Best Selling products is out of this world.  After one try, you'll see a difference, I almost guarantee it.  Then the Blow Out Cream helps you get close to the blow out you pay for in high end salons.  Really, use those 3 and you'll be happy.


Everyone needs a conditioner.  My favorite is the "Revitalize" Conditioner which pairs with the IR Shampoo above.  And my husband happens to love the Black Shampoo, which is the Men's line.  Yep, even his hair looks better.  His claim, not mine.  The Black line, is also aimed at promoting hair growth.  Plus, it has a little something extra to help blondes become a brighter, prettier "blonde"... so I know lots of women are using it too!  I'm a brunette therefore I don't have actual first hand proof of that one.

Finally tonight,
I feel like this whole experience was somewhat poetic! In (less than) one year I went from one of the worst (hair) experiences in my life... to one of the best.  Perhaps I wouldn't have been looking that hard for a hair "solution"  without that stylist from hell.  Then, I never would have come across Monat.  A product line this LEO truly believes can put hair shaming to bed for good!

Read HOW & WHY Monat works HERE!

To order: www./

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