Tuesday, September 15, 2015

5 Ways to "Fall" into Decor!

The Headlines:

I love fall decorating (I call it "fallerizing").

Here are 5 
cheap, easy decorating ideas. 

Every time about this time of year, I change things up.  Even though it's typically still 100 degrees here in Arizona, I pack away all the Summer/Seaside decor and I bring out the Fall stuff.   I call it "fallerizing."  It gets the whole family in the mood.

But here's what complicates this season even more: a little thing called HALLOWEEN!  For years, I used to do just Fall.  That way, I could leave it until after Thanksgiving.  Smart, right?  Then 2 things happened.   One, my kids started growing up and wanted our home decor to reflect their "favorite holiday" (in quotes because their 'favorite holiday' is always just the one in front of them) and two, Halloween decor got cool looking.

Yep, here's where my picky self really comes out.  I'm not a fan of typical Halloween decorating.  To me, it's always been, well, kinda ugly!  I never liked the googly-eyed giant spiders or funny looking witches.  I just couldn't bring myself to get into that.  But in recent years it's gotten more sophisticated chic.  And I'll admit:  I've been sucked into the fun!

Skulls, Skulls & MORE Skulls
These are everywhere these days - seemingly always in style - even when it's not Halloween.  They're just chic now!  You'll see, I can't get enough of them.

You can Creeper-ize your chandeliers with skulls...

 Closer look... they seems as if they're a part of the piece!

Same with this one! Those are "skeleton garland" from the Dollar Store.

You can fill jars with them...

They can be sparkly...

Or on Napkins...

Use a skull as a crazy centerpiece!

Even tiny shot glasses...

this looks super cool!

And right now you can find SKULLS anywhere from Target, to Michaels to Home Goods, to Walmart and every place in between.  But get them fast... they go fast.

Bring the Outdoors In
Stuff that celebrates the season like pine cones...

or Fall leaves or Cattails like you see here on the mantel:

or honestly, whatever you can find in your back or front yard.  Anything bunched together in a group always looks way cooler than you'd ever think!

Use Candy
If you can use candy to decorate for any one season - IT's THIS ONE!  Seriously.  Halloween means candy.  Use it for more than one night!   Candy Corn couldn't be a batter decorator choice- they really are vibrant and beautiful! Especially in jars...

or with a "Crystal Head" Skull placed in the middle of it! 

Anything Orange & Brown -  Black or White
That means ANYTHING.  You'll find inspiration in the most random of items: coffee beans, black jelly beans, red apples, oranges, CEREAL... Chocolate Cheerios (below) have great, rich color... put any of those things in a jar, add twigs to the opening on the top to give it height... or put them in 3 jars and group them near each other.  BAM - COOL!

Just stick to the Fall or Halloween colors. In dish towels...

or grab some battery powered/timer lights at one of the Super Stores.  I AM SOOOOO into those!  Put them on a wreath at your front door...

or stuff a bunch of the little lights in a glass container.  That looks AWESOME by the way! Finally, the easiest way to "Fall" into you decor this season...

Kid Art

No brainer, right?  Keep and hang up your kids school art work from over the years!  My daughter literally cheered yesterday when I brought back a messy orange picture below she made in pre-school! The nostalgia is sweet and it the kids will always remember you did it!

There ya have it... 5 super easy ways to celebrate the season in your home.  Have fun, DO it and share it with your friends!

Now, the key once I put away the Halloween stuff: buy more apples and oranges!!!

**Here's my Periscope on this topic! You can see the chandeliers LIVE (to tape)...

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