Thursday, November 5, 2015

The BEST Homemade Soup in the world!

The Headlines:

Thanksgiving is here.

What's on your menu?


I'll admit.  I'm having a hard time this year.  I feel like there's 1 thousand things going on every second of the day.  999 of them I'm not doing.  For some reason, I just feel a little out of sorts and it's bugging me.  Shoot, I can't even keep up with this blog.  I'm down to like once a week.  Being a stay at home Mom is harder than you'd think and the time... just.. flies... by.  Forget about a job.  I know I "work".  But I mean one where you have to clock in, ask for time off, you know A REAL one!?  I salute every single working mother out there.  I do.  Especially now.  During this time of year.  And Summer.   Actually any days children are out of school.  I digress.  Back to the point.

The biggest eating day of the YEAR is upon us and we're having it here.  We always do.  Don't get me wrong, I like doing it.  But usually I know exactly what I'm serving by now.  This year I do not.  See, I love trying new things and this holiday is perfect for test drives.  Sometimes, we go traditional (with a twist): (smoked) turkey, (apple)stuffing, (cream cheese)mashed potatoes, broccoli something-er-other!  But I've also been known to veer off a bit... serving anything from chili to steak on the big bird day.  Plus I really like courses: cocktails, appetizers, starters, main and desert.

I'll figure out mine soon.  But we all need to get on the menu now.  And this Celery Soup with Caramelized Apple & Blue Cheese toppings MUST be on yours!

It truly is the best soup in the world.  First made by a woman, I know not, in Scottsdale, Arizona by the name of Rita King.  And let me tell you... she's the QUEEN of this soup!  Hail King Rita.  What makes this soup is what you put on top of it.  It's just a tad of creamy, tangy goodness which compliments the vegetable lusciousness below.  The sautéed apples and blue cheese absolutely adds just enough to the balance of the subtle celery taste of the soup.


And as always... easy to make.  Yes, more labor intensive than opening a can but worth every extra minute!

Here's what you need:
2 head of celery (separated and chopped in large slices)
1 onion, chopped
2 quarts of reduced sodium chicken broth
4 tbspns butter
2 granny smith apples, finely chopped
1 cup half and half
salt and pepper
1/2 cup or more of chopped fresh parsley
crumbled blue cheese (if you don't like blue, use goat or maybe nothing)

Here's what you do:
In a large pot, boil celery and onion in broth with lid on until tender... 30 minutes.  Celery should be very soft.  Then, blend celery in blender until smooth.  Add half and half, mix together.  Sprinkle in salt and pepper.  In a separate frying pan, use butter to sautee apple bits until carmelized.  Pour soup, sprinkle apples, blue cheese and parsley topping each bowl of soup.  Serves about 8, depending on portions.  Prepare to be WOWed!  Check it out close up!

It is theeeee perfect "starter" course" on Thanksgiving or any day!  Absolutely, positively the BEST Homemade soup in the world!

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