Thursday, September 8, 2016

He wants to be a real HERO for Halloween!

The Headlines:

I don't like to get political.

So I won't.

But I will say this...

The other day we were at Costco.  We go a lot.  We feed our family with Costco foods all the time.  They're kinda hard to beat.  But every once in a while we get something off track.  A shirt, a book, a pool noodle, a Rebecca Minkoff Purse.  Seriously, that one was one Mother's Day.

But on this day a couple weeks ago my son was pulled toward the Halloween Costumes.  If you've been to Coscto lately, and you're a parent, you know exactly what I'm talking about...

He was Batman last year, he's been a Firefighter, a Police Officer.  This year he said something about an Avenger character.  Super Heroes are big when you're 5 years old.  So when he went over and picked a "Special Forces/Marine" costume I was shocked and simply replied, "Oh so you want to be a REAL Super Hero again this year!"

Done.  Proud.  Excited about this costume.

Especially since the NFL season starts tonight and some dude on the 49ers won't stand up for the national anthem before his game (when he plays one).  I'm not going to say much on that because I'm not sure it deserves much to be said on the subject.  I will, however, simply say that I'm proud my son decided to be a Marine like some of the other real heroes he's been in the past.   I'm also glad he decided not to be a football player.  Not that football players are bad.  Not all of them.  It's just sometimes, like we teach our little boys... one person can ruin things for the whole group.

Finally tonight, stand up if you want to America and be a REAL SUPER HERO with my son this Halloween.   And let the football players keep playing their game... if they can stand for it.


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