Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Kitchen Brick Wall

The Headlines:

Want to do something special in your home?

Try this...

Everyone wants to be noticed for something.  Singles want to show off their shoes, girls want to wear their Ivivva shorts, boys want to be good in sports, Dad wants to have a great car and Mom - well she wants a fabulous purse - and - great kids of course!

Homes also want to get noticed.  They want, at least one thing, that people stand up and applaud.  Is it a great kitchen island?   A fab back yard?  An amazing office?   Maybe even a light fixture that catches everyone's eye...

Or your home can have a stand-out wall.  Like this one:

Often... the story starts like this: sell or remodel, remodel or sell?  That's how it started for this client - who in the end - decided not to sell and move but instead give her place a facelift.  She had lots of plans.  Including paint the cabinets, paint the walls, re-do her shower, take down a "wall," get new counter-tops, sinks & faucets, put in a barn door and finally add some "texture" to her kitchen wall.

Now, there are a few ways you can do that.  Wallpaper, paint, tile or wood.  She was leaning towards the reclaimed wood paneling look.  It's clearly all the rage.  I'd even go as far as to say it's a little "trendy" right now!   This girl... not trendy.  She's got great style but an Antique/ Traditional/Classic  DEFINED STYLE  is a more accurate description for her.

So we came to an agreement that brick would work best.  Now, when you say brick many people start to panic.  It seems heavy and scary.  Not when you do brick veneer.  I hear the screeching brakes now.  VENEER people say?  Absolutely not they reply.  That is, until they see it.

This ain't your Grandma's veneer people.  It really does look like the real thing... and it's actually still fairly heavy.  Just about a quarter of what a full brick would be.  So for cases like this or a fireplace.  Heck, in a almost every case... it's absolutely what you want to use! And we did.  

**Sidenote, I also used veneer on my own fireplace (years ago).  Turned out great too... click HERE to see it.

She had thoughts about applying it to her island as well.  But I reminded her too much of a good thing... is never a good thing.   So we painted the island a different color instead.  That too... home run.

Of course, we didn't stop there.  We did all of those things above that we mentioned too.  The place looks like a million bucks.  Here's some before and after shots.

In Bath 1, we painted the cabinets, walls, added a new mirror, new counter and sink.  Plus a brand new shower, top to bottom (excuse my bad photography).

In the kitchen, we removed a wall, and then same drill... new counters, painted the cabinets and walls, added new hardware and a new sink/faucet.

She chose these 3 counter surfaces for Bath 1, Bath 2 and Kitchen.  Highly recommend New Carrerra Quartz.  If you want Quartz... looks great installed.

She also desperately wanted a barn door, which she loves:

But in the end, as I said, the showstopper is certainly that brick wall.  It's classic, not too costly and cool... everything a house wants to be!

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