Friday, September 7, 2018

Cantaloupe Martini Cocktail

The Headlines:

Every Fall Party needs an Orange Cocktail!

I don't even like Cantaloupe.

Best Cantaloupe Martini recipe EVER!

Plus a cute, kid version. 

This can be downed all year long (hello Summer) but it's orange so, come fall, the drink really fits! 

We've made this cocktail for years.  It is major yum.  Blows me away every time I taste it.  It's so easy, so refreshing and so beautiful!  Yes, it's a Cantaloupe Martini and I will tell you it's like biting into that fruit, but better.  Because, honestly, I don't even like cantaloupe.  I love watermelon, honeydew... but cantaloupe... I always leave in the fruit bowl. 

Here's What You Need:
2 oz Orange Juice (I get medium pulp)
2 oz Marie Brizard Watermelon Liqueur (found at Total Wine or ask your local grocer)
1 1/2 oz Three Olives Vodka (1 of my favs)
Splash of lime

Here's What You Do:
Mix all together...
Shake well over ice in a shaker and pour.
Makes 1 drink.

 It's a little taste of heaven, I promise!

At our house this year, we'll be throwing a Halloween Night Party -- and for something like that you've got to get the kids a special drink too!  And yes, it has to be orange.  Rather than just throwing orange juice in their cups I came up with a version of my cantaloupe cocktail.  And it's almost as good as the adult one.  But... not... quite. 

Here's What You Need:
Orange Juice
Fruits Punch Gatorade
7-Up or Sprite 

Here's What you Do:
Mix about 2/3 orange juice, 1/3 Sprite and a few splashes of the Gatorade to give it a "cantaloupe" color.  It's really yummy and will look good in a large pitcher!

Yea, may not be my favorite holiday... but it's getting there.   

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