Monday, January 14, 2019

Do You have "Vision" (When You're Buying A Home)?

The Headlines:

There are 2 kinds of buyers. 

Which one are you? 

In the market to buy a house this year?  To me, there's never a time you shouldn't be looking.  Why?  Yes, because I"m a Realtor but also because you never know when the right one will hit you.  The house you never expected pops up and you can't say no.

That's happened to me personally.  And when I don't move on it... (years later) the husband and I complain: "if we would have bought that..."?

So always keep an eye out.  But for what exactly?  That depends on you.  Pay attention to what matters to your lifestyle.  Yes, that can be limiting.   So here's a way to open up the possibilities.  Ask yourself one question:


If you do, sky's the limit.  It may not have the exact amount of bedrooms but you can change that.  No white cabinets?  There's paint.  No need for a dining room?  Demo it.  If you have vision, as long as the "bones" are there your options for reno work are endless.

Here's what you cannot change:  1) location and 2) size of lot (usually).  Everything else is up for grabs.

Have you seen Fixer Upper?  Then you know what I'm talking about.

If you buy a home that needs some"TLC" you are, most likely, going to get a better deal.  Because more needs to be spent after you move in.  Here's an example.

I worked with some buyers who knew exactly where they wanted to live.  It was a small neighborhood without a lot of inventory so they kept a close eye on it.  When a house came up... they pounced.  Once inside, they saw it was far from their dream home.  But they knew it had the 2 things that couldn't be changed.  The rest they could work around.  They bought it.

While going through the buying process they brought in a contractor to see if their plan had legs.  It did.  And work began as soon as the papers were signed.

After a few months their home was ready to roll!

Here are the pictures:

Above is the living room. They added one huge sliding glass door that fully opens to the patio (a trend we're seeing a lot right now) - we live in Arizona after all.   They also spruced up the living room by adding industrial shelving, a mantel and busting out a wall to make for one big "great room". 

Here's the dining room they demo'ed.  They moved more walls and small cabinetry.  However, they also enclosed one area (with french doors) so they could have a formal office space.  

But the crowning glory, as with almost any house, is the kitchen.  You know, the place where we ALL spend time.   The kitchen, before, was nothing special.  Just a galley kitchen that felt super cramped.  This busy house needed some major space.  So they turned the island around, made it way bigger and used the breakfast "nook" to make for ONE big open area.  It absolutely works.

They're not completely finished.  They want to do a few more tweaks in the bathrooms.  But, to everyone who visits it looks like a whole new house.   In fact, the former owners came by and I hear it brought them to tears... happy tears.

It is now the new owners dream home.  Because they had vision.  They bought a house that was less expensive than most in their target neighborhood and then turned it into exactly what they wanted.

THEY had VISION.  The question now is... do you?

Finally tonight, if you're in the market to buy a new home ask yourself the vision question.  It's okay of you don't have it.  There are lots of "turn key" homes out there.  It certainly will take less time and effort to purchase one of those.  But know there are also lots of people who can help you with "finding your vision".  Realtors, interior designers and contractors can all lend a hand.  The homeowners above used George Construction in Phoenix and myself as a Real Estate Agent.

Let us know if we can help you this year!

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