Thursday, August 27, 2015

Why (you should decorate with) White?

The Headlines:

It's true. 

I decorate a lot with white.  

There are reasons why.

Here are 5...

When you come to my house one thing is clear:  I like WHITE.  I use the "color" quite a bit.  In fact, it dominates my house.  While some may say white is boring, I challenge that... there is plenty of visual appeal to the shade.

5 Reasons to Decorate with WHITE: 

1 - It Goes With Everything
This is theeee most important reason to go white.  There is nothing it can't do.  The possibilities are endless.  You can change it up any time you want, even bring in other accent colors and pieces.  For instance, I can "Bring Spring In" in to a white living room like THIS (check out that previous post) or I can do Summer like THIS (another previous post) in the same WHITE living room.  Change a couple pillows, decorative accent colors and BAM - whole new look/whole new room.

This is also true for other things like plates or mugs...

Use the white plates for every holiday because they can look like any holiday.  Throw in some orange and brown for Thanksgiving or pink and red for Valentines.  On the other hand, colored plates sit and gather dust in the cupboard because they can only be used for certain occasions.  They're extremely limiting.

2 - White Makes Spaces Look Bigger
This is especially important if you live in a small house.  White opens up any room.  I often refer to decorating like putting together a good outfit... so keeping with that: think about it, if you've gained weight - which is the last color you put on?  Uh huh.... white makes you look BIGGER!

so painted walls white.  House looks GIANORMOUS!

3 - White is Bleach-able
White will and should always stay white.  If you use bleach.

I just got this fabulous new WHITE duvet for my daughter from Restoration Hardware Kids... LOVE that place BTW!  Check it out if you haven't: rhbabyandchild

It's gorgeous and should stay "new" looking for a a long time... since I can use bleach (somewhat sparingly - don't go too crazy - it's harsh on materials).

Also towels.  Yes, we made the white towel holder below.  It's just wood with glass door knobs sticking out!

up close...

4 -  White is EASY
You may not have a budget to hire a decorator so become your own.  If you pick white to work with... your job gets a lot easier.  Color can be hard to manage but white isn't.  Sure, there are many different shades of white, which can be daunting, but the good news is they (typically) all work together.  In this picture you see a bright white on that side table and a more creamy white on the coffee table and bench in the back ground.  Then the upholstery is almost an almond white.  But they all look good against each other.

same is true in this half bath...

cabinets are one white, paint on walls are another, the lamp shade's a serious cream, then the towels and decorative pieces... call it 50 shades of WHITE!

Finally, and this reason is probably the most important...

5 - White is Timeless
White will never go out of style.  Colors go in out out, they can be really trendy, but white is forever.  That's probably why brides dress in that color!  It stands the test of time!  You may never have to paint your house again.  But that orange room... yea, that's going to be painted over sooner than later!  White is not a passing trend.

We remodeled our Bath & shower last year... I chose to work with white for some of the reasons above.  You can check out the project HERE

That my friends is Why You Should Decorate with White... all other colors pale in comparison.

***I tried another periscope again... they're kind of fun!  I even used that lame joke above!  If you want to check it out  here it is...

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  1. Love your decor, agree with how white is just pure classic! And easy LOL

  2. I 100% agree with you.. I love white.. actually all my friends make fun of me since I ALWAYS select white everything. Sometimes the kids mess stuff up, but I don't care, I love white too much! ha!

    1. i would never make fun of you... i'd embrace you!

  3. I totally love this so much-- its super clean and fresh. And it serves as a nice canvas if you want to add something else to your "room" ie for the holidays. Love this.


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