Sunday, June 23, 2013

Beach Style

It's summer! And this picky chick loves the beach cottage look.  We just returned from a South Carolina beach vacation and whenever I do I get inspired.  So during this season, my dessert cottage style always turns "beachy." It's simple to do but a little time consuming.  I switch out pillows, bring in the sand and shells, use one overwhelming beach color ( for things like jelly beans, blankets, vases, napkins, sea glass) and voila!  Turquoise is my summer color and it instantly brings a lightness to a room.  Not to mention it's soothing and oh so ocean chic!  The other thing you can do, that is so simple, is take pictures of your family during the season and then place the pictures in your theme color or style of frame.  The whole affair takes me less than half a day and it keeps me in the summer mood for 4 months!  Love love love it!  Here's what I mean...  

Decorating with Magazines

I do it all the time.  Of course, pending on the season and the colors.  Sometimes, those pictures are awesome - hello - that's what those guys get paid for! I throw a mag on my side table or coffee table and it not only adds a bit of color but something for a guest to do (yes, I know we now all carry smart phones and were never bored these days but... ya never know)!

Alright!  Let's get this beach party started!

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