Monday, July 1, 2013

Phoenix Dinner Out, Rokerij

I am also picky about where I eat.  I love great food and can't stand the bad.  While I won't mention the bad for this blogs purpose, I will talk about the good, super great and the mouth watering!  SO, we just went to a restaurant I've never tried before over the weekend.  It's called The Rokerij (sounds like roker-eee) off 16th Street and Glendale in Central Phoenix.  It was good!

I first ordered a pomegranate marg which was sweet, tart and potent, actually.  I liked it.  Then, we had some crab tostadas for an appetizer which were served on five little chips but packed a serious mouth punch, in a good way.  Also, some fries and calamari which were good but not special.  Even though we were already full I ordered a salmon dish topped with pesto and Brie.  Now I know that's hard to screw up, with 3 such scrumptious main ingredients, but, trust me, it can be done - this, however, did not disappoint.  My kids had some sliders that were very tasty and my husband enjoyed a crab louie salad with mounds of the crab slapped on it!  All in all, very good and we'd go back!  A warning though:  it's pretty pricey.  Especially if you're taking kids.  There's no children's menu.  View it on line.

One last mention, on a day that I think the high was around 115 degrees... maybe they shouldn't put on the fireplace...?  I saw one couple walk in, who was seated next to it, by the look on the woman's face, she was not happy!

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