Thursday, August 29, 2013

A night out at Posh, Scottsdale

This picky eater loves to try new restaurants!  Mmmmmm yum.  I won't trash a restaurant, I just won't talk about it.  But the ones that I try that are good - bring it on!  We went to "Posh" last weekend, located off Scottsdale Road, just North of Scottsdale Fashion Square.  It was unexpected.  Here's why:  it's what they call "improvisational cuisine."  Huh?  Most people said to me when I explained the weekend plans.  The menu looks like this...

Posh Menu

You basically tell them what you DON'T want to eat, what you're allergic to or can't stand - but the rest is up to them.  You can't say "I want a salad" or "Can I have a steak?".... because they decide!  The tasting menu, however, does begin with a "starter" type course and end with a dessert.  While it's odd -  it's also kind of fun!  We had a fig appetizer, which... I'm just not in love with figs (I should have mentioned that on the paper but it's quite a big task to remember all the food in the world you don't like!)... then the experience continued with a celery soup and an heirloom tomato type caprese salad.  The celery soup was perfectly balanced, rich while not too creamy on a hot summer's day.  The heirlooms were at their peek with some feta, capers, radicchio and even a tomato sorbet! It was a new twist on an old favorite!  Both were scrumptious.   

Celery Soup

Heirloom Tomato Salad

Main courses 

Both were excellent with the Halibut Cheeks being, by far, the favorite (of the whole night really).  It was made with mushrooms and a soy sauce reduction which had your mouth doing somersaults with excitement!  The Yellow Tail was good too with some sautéed onions accompanying it.  

Halibut Cheeks with Polenta 

Yellow Tail with Haricots Verts

Kitchen is in the middle of the room

White Chocolate Mousse with Shortbread & Figs

The Desserts were good but not to die for... All in all a fun, new (to me, it's been around for several years now) place to go for this picky chick!  My only thought was: what if, like the Halibut Cheeks, I loved a dish so much, I wanted to go back again and order it...?  Because it's all "improv," that would be impossible.  Technically.  Right?

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