Sunday, August 25, 2013

Easy egg muffin!

Not a cook!  But I love yummy things.  The weekends in my house are sacred!  Saturday morning we all take a huge breath and eat.  But we only have time for a quick bite - it can take hardly any time to prepare because.... we are busy on the weekends (doing all my projects!!!!)  So, get the kids drinks, slam this together and while they're watching their favorite episode of Caillou or Maya & Miguel... these bake.

Breakfast "Muffin"

This is so easy, yummy and awesome to make for the family or even to feed an a-m crowd - quick!

These are almost as easy as cereal!  Grab 8 eggs, crack in a bowl, add (whatever you want) we added cheese, tomatoes and onions.  Then take an uncooked piece of bacon and line the muffin tin.  Pour egg mixture into tin.  Makes about 12 "muffins". 

Bake on 350 for about 25 minutes, watch for spillage, and voila!  These were scrumptious.  My kids ate every bite!  Impressive and simple.  Perfectly suits my picky style! 

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