Monday, September 23, 2013

Moms w"h"ine Night!

The Headlines:

Moms need wine.

Moms need to w"h"ine.

How to do your own Moms w"h"ine night.

Last Spring, I started what I like to call a w"h"ine night for moms.  Because, let's face it.... we could all use a little wine while we wHine about our lovely children.  Well, a good time was had by all last time so I decided to bring it "Back to School" style!  Glad I did...

Now, the problem with being a perpetual entertainer is 2 things: one, it gets expensive and two, it's a lot of work.  Like you, I never have any time.  And this picky chick likes to make parties just right.  So, for years I have invited people over and done the whole menu myself.  I like the control, I like to plan them per the season, I like to decorate around them.  Yea, not anymore.  I have decided that, in some cases, I'll let people chip in.  In this mom's night, I did the mom-tini's, wine and spinach salad bar.  Everyone else brought one thing each.  It worked like a charm.

There were 10 of us in all so we had a LOT of food.  A bacon dip, an oyster dip, a spinach dip, a 5 layer dip (guess we're a little dippy), fruit, cheese and olives, salmon, a candy bar... the list goes on.  I've decided I think people want to bring things to your house when invited.  It makes them feel like they are more a part of the event.   So, yes, I relinquished control just a bit and it felt good.  That Friday afternoon, I was able to attend my daughters daisy "bridging" ceremony... leave from that and come directly home to throwing a party that took just a little prep earlier in the day.  It was awesome.

Here's what I did do:


They were so pretty... a deep turquoise green color (since we're still in our summer style - which btw, is on its way out next weekend), made with blue curaƧao and pineapple juice among other things... but while I was in love with their look... I wasn't in love with their taste so I will not be passing on the recipe.  As one picky chick, it just didn't do it for me.  But everyone drank theirs before...

Moving on to the W"h"ine Bar

And the Salad Bar...

I'm really annoyed with myself....  I didn't get a pic of the whole spread... but what can I say?  I was having a good time!

By the way, a couple hours before the gathering I discovered a  really easy idea to apply to any party.  Use your frames to make food and drink signs.  Easy.  

Finally, when the night was over and all the w"h"ining had been heard.   It was time to go... but don;t forget a parting gift!

These were branch pencils.  I'm sure you've seen them.   Perf for a "Back to School" w"h"ine  night!

Success!  SO fun, so easy, we are definitely doing this again.  Super glad I got over my control the menu thing and let everyone help... it means I can do it again sooner, knowing it will not be as difficult as a typical party is!

Now, go out and create your own w"h"ine night and let me know how it goes!   

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