Monday, September 30, 2013

My perfectly, un-perfect FRAMED canvas print!

The Headlines:

I'm doing a boy baseball room.

I bought a canvas print.

For the most part,  I'm not a fan of canvas prints.

Let's FRAME it!


So, it's been established... I'm PICKY!  We're in the midst of doing my little boy's room.  That post to follow... but one of our projects within the room seemed simple enough to me.  I bought a vintage looking baseball canvas print (at yes, that fabulous store, Home Goods) that I thought was so cute and at such a good price!
But when I got it home it just bugged me.  

It was totally boring.  Canvas prints may work in some circumstances.  Such as, perhaps grouping multiple, "like-type" canvas' together.. but especially in this circumstance, where I thought it may anchor the wall above my sons bed... it would not.  It needed to be more grand, more wow!  So, I thought, let's put a frame around it!  4 boards, slapped together - no biggie, right?  Sounds easy enough, to me?!  But when I innocently mentioned this to BP (my husband) he was not on the same easy train as I was... he informed me he wasn't doing it.  He said, his time versus the cost was not worth it.  

So, I did what he said, I priced it.  Went to a store, Michael's, gave them the size and explained what I wanted (which by the way, pretty much didn't exist at their store...  a wide like RED, rustic looking 4 inch frame).... anyways, the worker said ballpark for him to do that would run me about $400-$450.  And he said other stores may charge more.  When I reported that back to BP he had a change of heart.  This, you have to know, is only because it's his son's baseball room, which he has a special place in his heart being that he played little league through college.   He set out to do it.  

Honestly, it was NO ride on the easy train like I thought - so, because by definition this blog is only supposed to give you easy projects - I apologize.  But, he did it!  Here's how: we went to Home Depot and bought 4 boards of 4" wide pine at 3/4" thick.  He used a miter saw and cut the appropriate dimensions.  He then screwed the pieces together to fit like a frame, applied wood filler and painted it.  But he cut the wood diagonally.  He said, if he could do it again he'd cut just 4 boards, meaning 2 longer vertical and 2 shorter horizontally to form a square.

Here's how it turned out. 

Something's off isn't it? I didn't notice it at first either but yes, it's crooked on the bottom left hand corner as you look at the frame.  See, look closer.

But after all his hard work, this picky chick knows when to let it lie.  It still looks great and my son is happy!  Maybe someday, we'll alter it.  And until then, perfection is sometimes over-rated.  After all, it's the quite un-perfect "Leaning Tower of Pisa"  that draws millions to see it every year!

Also, it does protrude from the frame a little bit.  I really don't mind this.  BP wanted to basically make 2 frames so it would be equally thick but I nixed that plan.  I told him... I wasn't that picky!   Hee hee.

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