Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Crispy Black Bean Burrito

The Headlines:

Have I mentioned I'm not a chef?

I'd more say I arrange food.

This is a stellar "arrangement!"

I think I have mentioned before that I know not what I do in the kitchen.  My mom didn't do too much cooking, that I can remember, as I was growing up.  I never went to a cooking school.  I don't really enjoy the act of cooking too much.  Eating is good but I personally don't have to do it thaaaat often.  A friend and I recently joked how "cheese and wine"  is a perfectly acceptable dinner to us!  But children, on the the hand, do need to eat fairly regularly.  Unfortunately, I do not have a personal chef.  Not that I wouldn't want one… but, alas, no chef.

I also don't like buy take out a lot or frozen type dinners.  I want to KNOW what's in the food I'm feeding them!  So when it comes to dinner time I often say I "arrange" meals.  Add a little of this, push a little of that, heat some here and cut some there.  DINNER!

This creation came one weeknight when I looked in my pantry/fridge and went hmmmmmm… what in the - presto - the Crispy Black Bean Burrito was born.  Seriously, for some reason the "cripsy" part of this baby makes it more fun for the kids.  Maybe it's the half quesadilla - half burrito deal.

Crispy Black Bean Burrito

You need:
1 can 15.5 oz Black Beans
1 cup Verde (you know the super mild but very tasty) Salsa
1 bag boil in a bag Brown Rice
1 cup Cheese.  Whichever you please.  I used a White Cheddar.
1 Avocado
Splash of lime juice
Cilantro (optional, some kids no like)
Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil Spray

All I did was shred the cheese and add it to the black beans, which are rinsed and drain from their can.
Then I "made" the "guacamole" which is the kid version so it's basically just smashed avocados with a bit of lime juice, salt and pepper.  Plus some cilantro if you or they are up for it!  I happen to love the stuff!
I prepared the rice… which was easy and according to the bag's instructions.  Then I added some verde to it and stirred.
Simply line up the bean mixture, rice mixture and guac mixture in rows and roll into a burrito that doesn't have an opening up top so that you can "fry" it (my version of frying anyways).  Spray your frying pan with Olive Oil and get it nice and hot.  Then put one of those, or two of those babies in the pan.  "Fry" them until their golden and yummy looking on both sides and serve!  Makes about 3-4. Depending how big you stuff them!
Yes, that is my child's hand - not wanting to wait for me to take a picture - just begging and pleading to  dive into the goodness!  Bottom line, kids, and adults for that matter, will like this super easy, "arranged" meal.  And it only took like 5 minutes.  So you can hurry and get back to Nordstrom.com … free shipping and returns makes it all worth while!

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