Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Halibut "Summerito"

The Headlines:

Summer is busier than the school year.

Take a break with Dad this weekend...

Make this Summer-Burrito for Father's Day!

I can NOT get to this blog.  I love doing it… but for the life of me... since my children have been out of school it has been non-stop!  I really don't understand how that's possible. What happened to the long, lazy days of Summer?  Isn't there a song about that or something!?

Anyways, this weekend - like it or not - we will be forced to take a break.  Yes, Father's Day stops us all in our tracks and makes us, well at least, Dad, relax… and by default we Moms get some R & R too!  At a certain point.  First, this Mom will be figuring out a Father's Day gift, then rounding up the troops to make some cards, followed by watching the kids while dear old Dad gets a massage on Saturday morning , then watching the little one while Dad takes the big one shopping, whew…. I'm getting tired… then watching the kids again while he goes golfing Sunday.  Finally followed by, later in the day, a moment to unwind with this:

Halibut Summerito!

Yes, that my friends is a Halibut Summerito.  It is scrumptious and basically puts all the good things about Summer and wraps it up into one heck of a burrito!  So when you bite into it - you kind of feel like you're taking one gigantic bite out of the Sun Season!  Why?  It has blueberries and strawberries mixed with onion, lime juice, avocado and salt (among other things) so it's kind of a sweet salty mix that really just makes you want to howl at the… sun!

This all starts with you Mom (doesn't it always) - prepare the following… then stick Dad on the Halibut… he's got to pull his weight around here sometime this weekend and besides, the grill makes them feel more like a man.  Have you ever seen them pound their chest out there while that fire's on - I swear I have!  

Here's what you need:

Ranch Dressing (optional)

Kid Guac
Cilantro, chopped or torn apart
Salt & Pepper

I call it kid guacamole since there's nothing in it that will offend children.  My kids don't like the "fancy" guacamole we make adults, but they eat this.  It's just so simple.  Grab your avocado, slice it up, put in a bowl and mash.  Add a little cilantro, salt maybe a smidge of pepper.

Summer Salsa
20 Blueberries, sliced
10-12 Strawberries, chopped
Cilantro, chopped
1/ 2 Yellow Onion (or less), diced
1 Tomato, diced
Squeeze of Lime Juice
1/2 oz Agave Nectar
Garlic Powder
Garlic Salt

Mix all the ingredients listed above and then add some salt and pepper to that puppy too.  Place it in the fridge and go see how the magic is forming outside.

Good Halibut filets (I am spoiled here because BP (the husband) goes fishing almost every year in Alaska and brings home some awesome catches)
Olive Oil Spray
Lemon Salt

Grill the Halibut how you like to do them, if you're a pro at it.  Or follow BP's way:  douse filets with lemon juice and leave in fridge for a couple hours to marinate.  Take out about 20 minutes before grilling so you get it to room temp.  Then, sprinkle with lemon salt.  Spray lots of olive oil on the grill grate so the fish doesn't stick.  Once on the grill, "sear" them on each side for about 1 minute.  It helps to keep all those good juices inside.  Then, leave on grill about 2 minute's per every inch thick.  Done, take off.

Once that's finsihed,  Heat up your tortilla's and line up all the ingredients like this:

Then, roll into a burrito… or in this case a Summerito!
I add some Ranch dressing on the side for the kids to dip in if they want.  I'm not sure why it seems to go nicely, but it does!  See?

Mmmmm yum.  Of course, it takes hardly any time to prepare and the smiles on their faces… kids and Dads alike… will make it all worth it.  Now, time for you (Mom) to sneak in a massage!


  1. I love fish tacos and this is the most creative version of one that I have ever seen! Looks delish!!!

  2. Wow! "You put your foot in it!" This looks delish! I may have to give this one a try.


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