Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Celebrate Friends - with a FRocktail!

The Headlines:

We all need friends.

Especially Moms (we have lots to talk about).

Carve some time out to celebrate them.

Make a FRocktail.

More than anything this post is about friends.  We all need them.  They matter. Especially to Moms.  The reason is simple: sometimes I think being a Mom can seem isolating.  You're with your kids all day.  Taking care of their needs way before yours.  Exploring ways to best help them reach their full potential, as well you should.  The selfish years are over.  We've talked about that before.  But the self still needs people.  Preferably other Moms going through the same thing.

For most Moms,  escaping is either impossible or costly.  So forget that and invite them over for a FRocktail.

What in the world is a FRocktail?  I just made it up.  It is a no frills cocktail with a friend.  A FRiend cOCKTAIL.  Let me explain.  I have my children all the time.  I do not have a nanny.  I have a few sitters that I use when BP (the husband) and I go out.  But he works a lot.  He has to attend dinners after work all the time.  Therefore, escaping with friends to a bar or restaurant during the evening is very rare.  But friend time needs to happen.  I started inviting them to come to me.  Sometimes they bring their children to play with mine, other times it's just us Moms… with MY children.  I feed them and offer them a little wine.  Everyone is happy.

Every once in a while, I break out the bubbles to spruce things up a bit and other times, I'll make a FRocktail.  Just one.  But like I said, the no frills friend cocktail, or FRocktail, takes the "party" up a notch.  It makes the night feel just a little more special.  Like you put in extra time for your special buddy.

On this particular night, I hadn't seen my friend in any "adult" way for quite a while.  Let's face it, we're all really busy.  She has 4 children and lives about a half hour away from me.  We see each other for a few play dates a year - Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring… but time gets away from us easily.  Then, all of the sudden you realize you haven't had a friend "date" in forever!  So on this occasion,  I turned it up a notch because I had the simple ingredients needed to make a kind of strawberry martini.  So away we went!

I found:
Stawberry Vodka
Fresh Strawberries
A Cranberry, Coconut juice

I thought:  this works.

I muddled up some strawberries in a shaker.  Added 3 shots of the Strawberry Vodka and maybe a cup and a half of the juice… shook, added ice and a strawberry to the rim of the fun glass - then poured! I'll tell ya, the glass adds a lot.  It just looks so much cooler than, I don't know,what are those red… oh SOLO cups!!!  Yea, those - not the same thing.  Totally different kind of party.  One I'd rather not attend after age 25.

Anyways, my friend stayed with her daughter for hours and we had a talkative, fun, celebratory time. She only had a couple sips of the FRocktail but that didn't matter.  We said "cheers", gabbed, commiserated and laughed like we didn't have to wake up when the first child's eyes fluttered open the next day!    

All kicked off by the FRocktail.  Look at all that mushed up strawberry down below!

Good stuff.  I need to start planning another friend night soon.  Maybe I'll go big and find some extra papaya in the fridge and flavored sugar in the drawer!  But, whatever I find won't matter… it's the person I invite that will!       

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