Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer "Break" is over. Alleluia!

The Headlines:

Moms are busy.

Summers are busier.

Let's go back to school.

I think I have already written on this blog how absolutely crazy this Summer has been.  It was nuts.  I have barely been able to keep up with this blog.  In fact, I haven't.  I liked my old routine of writing every monday-wednesday-friday.  Then Summer came.  It was like I started in slow motion... standing on a hill watching an avalanche form and as it fell it reached me - swept me up and I tossed and turned like a wet towel in a dryer.  Finally, the heavy load is beginning to slow and eventually will stop at the bottom of the hill.  At that point, I can come out of the topsy turvy world I've been living in called Summer and get back to work!

Yes, Summer "break" (for who, by the way?) is about to end for me.  The children go back to school next week which means the real Mom "break" begins.  For some reason, in Arizona, our kids get out way early and go back way early.  It's odd to me since we're so cotton picken' hot at the beginning of August and so pleasant at the beginning of June.  Ending in mid June and going back in late August would seriously cut back on high electricity bills.  Ironically, no one ever claimed school boards were smart.

Anyways, bottom line, we're going back to school and  I can get a little peace and quiet!

When I first became a mom and I was still working I used to call some friends who stayed at home…  but they never answered their phone.  They were always "busy" - but I never understood why.  I thought, "What the heck could they be doing? They're at home!"  The answer is - everything.   Moms do everything.  If you're not a Mom who stays at home - you don't understand that.  I didn't.  I worked but had a nanny and a husband who helped me pull some of the weight.  Really, you need help when you're a working Mom.  You can NOT do it all.  But when you make the switch to stay home - things change.  Now, it's all on your plate.  As it should be.  This is now your full time job.  With that comes this:

Typical Stay at Home Mom Job Description:  get breakfast on the table, kids ready for the day, you ready for the day (make-up optional), make lunches (do your best not to feed them the same thing every day), drive places, research after school activities/sports, grocery shop, pick up the house, clean, get birthday gifts, wash cars, play with children, listen to children, help children, sanitize boo boos, clean diapers,  give kisses, do laundry, act like a tickle monster, breast feed (optional but preferred), referee, find healthy snacks, wipe noses, potty train, give hugs, cook dinner, make treats. You are to help other Moms, pick up kids who cry, do (help with) homework, wipe behinds, read, sing "you are my sunshine" - typically at night, act like a swim instructor, balance bikes, plan parties (18 per child), pick pre-schools, wake up in the middle of the night for (fill in the blank).  There will also be a certain amount of arranging parent/teacher conferences, baking cakes, play dates, arguing, wiping tears, cleaning throw up, keeping appliances/toilets/sinks/pools/heating and cooling systems in working condition, making doctor appointments, dentist appointments, participating in school classrooms, conducting time outs and of course listening intently to the Daddy at the end of each work day.  Patience is preferred. Love is expected.

Break time: 10 minutes at 10 pm.

Pay: nothing.

Note: Only the strong need apply.

Then of course, many Moms have additional duties, depending upon their own specific life.  For me, this Summer included a bathroom remodeling project and my Dad's serious health issues. It was a lot to handle.  I felt like I was running and gunning the whole time I was home (thank the
Lord for grandparents and a REAL vacation).  So all I can say is bring school on!  I'll still have the same job description - just a little more time to get it all done.

Thank God being a Mom is more than just a full time job - it's a full life.  Such a full life. 

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