Thursday, December 18, 2014

What your Car says about you…?

The Headlines:

My car is on its last leg.

I've had it for 10 years.  

It's a part of me.

But is it who I am?

Let's just get one thing straight: your car is not who you are, not even a reflection of the person inside... you are waaaaaaaay better than the piece of metal you drive.  Right?  Your car may be something you like but not any more than that.  Hmmmmmm... I dunno, you sure spend a lot of time in it.  IE: You bring home babies from the hospital in it. You move homes with it.  It becomes, in a weird way, a part of your family.  That is… if you keep it for as long as I've kept mine!

Yep, friends... I bought my car in 2004.  It was close to brand new.

But it wasn't brand new of course - such a waste of money (my dad's always taught me that).  I was proud of the LC it too.  BP (my husband) and I were excited.  I had my eye on the car for a while.  A Toyota Landcruiser.  I even love the name of that car.  It was a luxurious yet rugged ride.   It fit me well.  But now it's old.  Really, really old.  Like 245,000 miles old

We drove it to the Grand Canyon a couple weeks ago and it died in my driveway after we got home.  No joke.  I spent $800 on it and then it died again, for another reason, the following week.  I had to get towed twice in one week.  So, then I spent another $500 and it is apparent to both of us... it is time.  Time to get something new for me and my children.  It's still an awesome car but just for someone else.  Yet for me - it's hard.  For several reasons.

Why Letting Go Of An Old Car Is Hard:
  1. Life changing things happened in that car.  I drove both kids home from the hospital, we moved into our current house - like I probably brought over 10 loads of stuff over the course of 1 month in it.  We traveled to California in it.  Multiple times.  I drove, in the middle of the night, to multiple crime scenes/fires and one long prison stand off during my time in TV news in Arizona.  Yea, the memories are grand and the list of them are long.  Plus, I am one nostalgic dame.
  2. It identified ME well.  I'm not sure what the LandCruiser says about the driver but I was proud to be one.  Classic not trendy.  Very nice but not stuffy.  Cool and individualistic.  Eye catching yet not overwhelming.  Big but not massive.   Expensive however not ludicrous.  It was very me.  Wait, I'm not trying to say I'm super cool… or big either.  You get my drift. 
  3. Getting rid of 1 car means you have to find another!  This is the hardest task of all.  What car will become a part of my family from this point forward?  I AM One Picky Chick, you know?
Inevitably, back to the title… "what does your car say about you?"  It may blurt out who you are before anyone ever lays eyes on you but should that matter?  For (an old) example,  take the convertible Volkswagen Cabriolet.  Circa 1990.  Remember that car ladies?  

It was the classic "cheerleader in the 90's" car.  I was a cheerleader.  In high school and college,  even though I loved that car, I refused to get it.  I would turn my head as it passed in front of me on the streets and I secretly longed for it.  But I didn't want the stigma that was attached to it.   Eventually, however,  I caved.  I got it.  And guess what?  I loved it.  I'm glad I got it.  No matter what it said about me.  I was happy, maybe even a bit "peppy," as the car would indicate... but no matter.  All was good in my world as I drive the red car with a black top. 

What you say?  What are you talking about?  Don't play dumb, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Everyone has pre-conceived notions about others.  For instance, name some current stigmas attached to cars... Mini-van =  parent with lots of kids?  Range Rover = Housewife of Orange County, Beverly Hills or New Jersey?  Toyota Sequoia = Sturdy, solid, sports on the go parent.  Mercedes SUV (3 rows) = old (money) or influence.  We could go on and on… but the truth is your car should only speak to you.  Who cares what it says to others?

So I am now in that very weird place of trying to find a car.  And yes, I know it's the holiday season and it's the last thing anyone has time for.  But here I am toodling around going to dealerships, making phone calls and looking on the internet… you may ask where BP (the husband) is?  And that would be a valid question but the answer is: always working.  I even test drove HIS cars when he got one earlier this year!  

Wish me luck.  I need it… my list of likes isn't too long (don't say it - I know what you're thinking)… I have narrowed it down to -- I would say 4.  I just drove 2 and liked the inside of one but the outside of the other.  Another seems impossible to find and the other is here and there… it's just finding the right fit exactly.  Kinda like marriage.  Wait...?

Once I decide… I will then ask myself the internal question of:  what does this (new) car say about me?  And then I will promptly remind myself - whatever... I... want! 


  1. I just went through this earlier this year and I too had a hard time letting go of my previous car. I spent months actually test driving and trying to decide what would be my good family vehicle move since I have 2 toddlers and 2 big ole car seats... I eventually landed on an Acadia which is nice, but I miss the "luxury" of my (Audi) sedan. So what I'm trying to say is, don't second guess yourself too much, you'll just have to grow into the next one and if you don't like can always go find something else! ;)

    1. oh I know… it's just a car, right? I'm just an emotion ball about EVERYTHING! Including this!

  2. I can totally relate to this.. my first car was a 4 runner and when I finally had to let it go.. I couldnt imagine myself driving anything else.. so I bought ANOTHER 4 runner! I can't wait to see what you pick!

    1. that is HYSTERICAL… i would consider getting another LC but the body stye's so different now… and i can't wait to see what i get too.

  3. I can't WAIT to get rid of my minivan and back into a nice ride.I say just get what feels comfy...I mean you live in it right?! And who cares what it says about you...what matters more is what you think!

    1. you do sort of live in it! thanks… my thoughts exactly!

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