Monday, January 12, 2015

5 steps to Lose Weight This Year

The Headlines:

Losing weight is easy.

If you follow these 5 steps.


This subject is so overdone on blogs, television shows, magazines… especially in January.  So why am I doing it?  I just thought I'd lend my 2 cents to the matter.  Which may be exactly how much it's worth by the way!  Yes, this month is the time to make a fresh start - change things, be better, get healthy,  lose weight.  Sometimes, losing major poundage can take over your life.  It can seem like a daunting task… But does it have to be?  Maybe not.

It's a fact that many people have an unhealthy relationship with food.  They eat when they're bored, eat when they're upset, eat for comfort, eat when they shouldn't.  That means unwanted calories which makes your pants too tight which, in turn, makes you feel unhappy because you don't look good.  It's a viscious cycle - so - get out of it.  Now, I'm no expert but I would say thinning down may be easier than you think.  If you actually start thinking, the right way, about it.

These 5 steps can slim you down and keep the weight off… but you have to do things differently than you have been - period.  Here we go.

When I was in my teens and 20's I would say, while I was a fine weight, I weighed a bit too much.  It really struck me when I was packing for a trip and trying on bathing suits.  My friend (and producer of my morning show at the time) was with me and when I tried on my suit she looked at me, wrinkled her nose and said, "hmmmm… I thought you would look different in a swim suit!"  I was a little ticked but then I kind of agreed too.  I should look better in a suit.  Things kind of changed after that… I was very used to eating breakfast-lunch-dinner everyday and then getting up and doing it all over again but did I need to?  Was I truly hungry that often?  The answer was no.  It was just what I was "supposed" to do.  So rule number 1 is simply:

1. Eat when you're hungry.  Not when you're supposed to

I often forget to eat… because I'm not hungry.  My body will tell me when it's time to eat.  But I can tell you it's not as frequent as most people.  I'm convinced the body just doesn't need that much.  And once you stop eating less, you need less.  The stomach gets smaller and it needs less to feel full.  Sometimes I eat my own dinner and other times I just eat what my kids don't.  They call me the garbage disposal!

2. Don't buy what you shouldn't eat

This one is crazy simple.  Go to the grocery store, buy fruit, veggies, cereal, milk, cheese… whatever you need but skip the chips you can't stop eating… having them in your pantry will only tempt you.  Don't  have them there.  Don't buy pasta and breads, to many carbs, no pay off.  Eat proteins.  Eat greens.  Limit sugar.  Drink water.  See, easy.  Your body will crave what you give it.  Give it carbs and it wants more.  Give it a salad and it wants more.  I absolutely crave salads almost everyday.  But I rarely crave french fries.  So buy what you want to eat and nothing else.  An unexpected positive from this is the money you'll save:  junk food can be incredibly expensive!  And you don't need it.  This next step may be the most important:

3. Walk Your Heinie Off

Literally.  When I was in college and wanted to lose weight before my graduation and trip to Hawaii I started walking.  Every morning.  About an hour.  My butt and legs tightened up like cheeks after a face lift.  I was in business.  Other positives about walking:  it's free.  That's huge.  Nothing in life is free - but walking is!  You can also multi-task when you walk.  I call all my friends.  Great time to keep in touch.  I text, update my to-do list, schedule things in my calendar.  I walk with my 3 year old.  It's even more challenging that way plus it's an activity we do together. He loves it too!  But, for the record, you have to start this early on in their lives (like as babies) or you'll never get them to stay in a stroller for an hour long walk.  

This is us walking in the rain.  Not something we experience too often in the desert! We had so much fun on this day!

So the amount of things I get done while I exercise, besides just exercising, is amazing… rather than "wasting" 2 hours in the gym I feel like I have accomplished much more!  Some of you may say, I live in freezing cold weather and there's no way I can walk right now - I feel ya - because during the Summer, in Arizona, walking is not an option.  Too hot.  But guess what is?  Lifting weights.  Inside.  

4. Lift Freaking Heavy Weights

This does require a gym of some kind which does cost money, sorry, but it's worth it.  I've been doing this for about 15 years now.  I started when I decided I need something more.  I was skinny but with no real definition in the arms especially.  I started doing something called "Super Slow" which requires you do just as the name says:  lift (really heavy) weights… super slow.  You won't hurt yourself and you'll gain muscle faster than other strategies.  It's just 10 seconds up, 10 second down. TRT of only about 3 minutes per weight.  I only go once a week for about 30 minutes, tops.   In, out and on to better things.  There are gyms that do this almost everywhere but if you can't find one… it can be accomplished on your own.  Bottom line, lift weights that are heavy but do it slow and until you "fail"… you will gain muscle which will eat the fat that surrounds it and ultimately get skinnier.  That leads to my last tip…
5. Don't EVER Get on A Scale

Never.  Under any circumstances.  Unless you're at the doctor's office and even then, don't look at the numbers.  Because who cares what you weigh?  The numbers lie.  If you gain muscle weight lifting, which you will, and the scale goes from 150 to 152 you're going to flip out.  But you shouldn't because muscle weighs more than fat and you will look better.  I never get on the scale and just refer to how my clothes fit… if they fit tight then it's time to eat one less slice of pizza or drink one less glass of vino!  Scales are evil.

And that is all.  5 steps to a skinner, healthier you.  For most of you, not all.  I realize there are some who have other issues that may make the 5 steps above not work, i.e.: hormones, thyroid, genes… these are all very valid and possible situations.  And they should be considered too.  But for the rest of us I truly believe losing weight, staying healthy, being "skinny" could be a lot easier than most think.  As long as we change the way we THINK about it.

Now get out there… and start walking!  



  1. Not buying the bad stuff is a big one for us! It's one reason why I can't send my hubby to the store.. he buys all the junk! ;)

    1. Same here for my hubs… what is WRONG with them?

  2. Such great tips, and you are totally making me want to join a gym. I was a total gym rat before kids, but none of the local ones have great childcare. It's downright deplorable! I wish I didn't buy treats for the kids, but I do. And that's what my temptation is...goldfish crackers etc.

    Great tips as usual! And my 3 year old runs next to me for about 20 mins a day. She gets tuckered out though which helps with naptime!

    1. see the multi-tasking with the 3 year old? Start walking and you can do even more during that time. Running doesn't allow you to do that - too much bouncing!!!! ;)

  3. Good Good advice! I think living an active lifestyle is key-- just always make an effort to walk around as much as possible. love it

  4. Great tips! I totally agree with just stop buying the junky food. When it's out of sight, it's out of mind. It's funny. I'm the opposite as you. I need a lot of smaller meals during the day or I get all light headed. I can't go very long without eating without getting a headache. I try to keep small, healthy snacks on hand or I go crazy with the overeating.

    1. yep… some people need to eat little meals during the day more - so do that - as long as you're hungry. otherwise, that can lead down a dangerous path!!!!

  5. MY FAVORITE >> "Lift Freaking Heavy Weights"


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