Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Best (and Better) Posts of 2014

The Headlines:

These are the best posts of my first full year of blogging.

So says the readers (most popular).

And then these are the better posts… that not many of you read.

So says me (most underrated). 

I'm a little behind on this - I know all the tv stations and websites do the "Year in Review" stuff like last week but I've been busy… cleaning up all the cheer and relaxing.  Yep, I decided to do that after Christmas.  It was nice.  And rare.  But nice.

BP (the husband) even took a day off yesterday.  Seriously.  He has one of those jobs that says you can take AS MANY days of as you want.  There's no limit - not 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks… it's just "take whatever you want..." but the flip side of that, I'm sure, is that if business isn't good - guess whose to blame?  Yep, the guy who took 8 weeks off!  So, he'll end up taking hardly any time, I guarantee it.  I'm not complaining he has a fabulous job.  Plus he's a hard worker and I love him for that… so for all of us... enough relaxing - back to work!  Fasten your seat belts, the topic at hand today…

One Picky Chick's 5 most read posts of 2014

The first one, by far, is the post that got the most numbers.  Ready for it?  It was about 
The Best (store bought) Caesar Salad Dressing   
To read it click HERE  … it got almost 2,000 hits.  Which is a lot for me since I only have about 10 loyal readers - whom I appreciate very much by the way!  Unfortunately, I'm sure it has nothing to do with my amazingly witty and insightful writing and a lot more to do with the key words "Best" and "Caesar Dressing"  so says all the SEO people.  I'm not sure how that works - I really need to ask my friend whose husband is in the SEO biz!

The next most read:
Picket Fence Headboard

Which is a post of exactly that… the headboard I found for my daughter's room which everyone loves when they check out her "shabby chic" style.  I love it too and of course it was like $12.  Find it and closer pictures HERE.

The next Most Popular post, by the numbers, is this:
Best Crockpot recipe Ever
seeing a pattern here?  I think I just might start naming all of my posts (Fill in the Blank) - Best Ever!  Anyways, it really is an easy and incredibly yummy rib crockpot recipe and you can find it here: HERE.

That's followed by the story of my Dad almost dying from a brain aneurysm called
Third Life's A Charm

It happened during the summer and it was a devastating event that he is still suffering from slightly.  Since the near death experience and excellent recovery initially, he has gone downhill a bit and doctors think he may have "water on the brain" (which is a very un-technical term) but because of that he is slowing down and they may end up putting a shunt into his neck to drain the water into another part of his body.  The hope is it will help him live more fully.  Bottom line and your take away is if you'd like to read a story which will remind you why everyday life is so very precious click HERE.

And Finally, the fifth most read of my year is the blog which I titled
Potty Talk

which is, not surprisingly, about installing the "his" and "her" potties in our master bedroom.  He got the urinal.  I don't regret it - though some of you think I should - I happen to think it's awesome!  See it HERE.

Got that out of the way, now… I'm listing the posts which I think are the most underrated and under read.  These are the posts which I love, personally, and I think if someone takes a moment - they may get something great out of it too.  (If I do say so myself) Maybe pick just one and click on it!  

One Picky Chick's 5 Most Underrated Posts of 2014

The First 2 mean a lot to the Mommy in me.  I wrote
Super Sick Mom 

early last year… when this family was really - crazy how this works - sick.  One cold after another, it was brutal and it reminded me of my working days, just a few years ago, as a television reporter here in the Phoenix market.  I was a working mom who was going down - tired, impatient, too busy and sick of being sick.  It was part of what eventually led to me giving up the morning news program I was on for so many years and the television career I had worked towards all of my life.  But I was now apart of something bigger than just me.  A decision I will never regret… I left my job in television news.  You can read the full story HERE...  which leads me to the next one you should click on… it's about while I quit my job FOR them (my children)… I didn't quit BEING me.  That's something many Moms wrestle with because
Kids are Parasites
and they are you know.  This post explains why we need to be selfless while not forgetting about our self.  It's so very easy to do when you have kids.  Click HERE to check it out.

Okay next… this is, by far, one of my favorite recipes for kids and adults both.
Egg Lasagna
It's healthy, DELICIOUS and so easy to make.  I stress here ALL THE TIME that I'm not a chef so if I make something and rave about it… you know it's good and easy.  That's a promise.  Make this and your family and friends will Loooooove you!  Check it out HERE

Alright… friends, family and people I feel are my friends though I've never met you: I can NOT believe more people haven't clicked on this:
A Window Screen transformed into a Frame

By the description above… my Father in Law would say "and you don't know why people haven't clicked?" He's not really into the re-purposed stuff.  I am - sometimes.  Don't get me wrong, I like it to a point but my house need not look like a thrift store.  Here's the thing:  I don't like things to look too cookie cutter and I do like things that make people do a double take.  This does that.  Most people are kind of amazed by it.  Frankly, so am I.  It's one of my favorite things in this house of mine.  Check out how I did it HERE

Almost finally, I really love this post about the
Best Children's Book of all time!

"Pete The Cat and his 4 Groovy Buttons" has become one of my go-to books/gifts for kid birthday parties as I love the meaning, the fun and the educational value to it.  It's good for ages, I would say, 3 to 103.  Huh?  Yep, good for us older kids too.  Find out why when you read more and even hear us (my kids and I) recite the whole book!  It (meaning the video - not the post) actually has a few hits now.  Around 700 I think.  See and read about it HERE… I think it's worth your time.  

But so, my friends, is this last one… that is if you're in the mood to reflect on the one whom you love.  Or the one you want to love.  It's called
The Right One  

and yes I know that technically puts me at a total of 6 underrated posts (when I said there were 5) but I checked with the Editor of this blog and she said it was okay to add one more... as long as readers didn't complain.  So read it HERE and I'm pretty sure she won't fire me.  Well… naaaah. 

That sums it up… thank you thank you thank you so much for reading, checking, clicking, looking at this blog whenever and if ever you do.  It means the world because it's no longer me talking to the Owner of a Football team, the Mayor of a City, the famous movie actor or the athletic "legend…"  it's just me, Nicole McGregor, talking about topics that I hope you love to read as much as I love to write.    


  1. I love it! (and I have to admit, I have read all your top 5 posts... but I missed a few of your personal favorites!) :)


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