Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Best Ice Cream Ever (Remember Thrifty's?)

The Headlines:

Memories keep the heart in check.

This ice cream makes me smile...

It should make you giddy with excitement too.

Yep, just that good!

It's always funny how a sight, a sound or a taste can bring you back to a moment in time.  Good or bad.  Of course, this happens when you least expect it... like in the freezer section of the grocery store.  You say whaaaaaat?

Let me explain...

When I was a little girl money was tight.  But as a special treat, my Dad would take me to get an occasional ice cream cone.  Sometimes at Baskin Robbins... but we'd usually head to Thrifty.  If you've ever lived in the Western part of the U.S. you probably know what I'm talking about.  Think back... remember those square scoops?  And those ridiculously cheap prices!??

Not as cheap as the picture above.  When I was growing up inflation pushed a single scoop to 15 cents.  But their counters looked exactly like this!  

The other key to Thrifty ice cream: it was good.  Really, really good.  This was my favorite flavor:

Chocolate Malted Crunch.  It's chocolate ice cream with chocolate flakes and these little white balls of a kind of malt-type-candy.   They're delish!  I never fully forgot about those light, little sugary pillows on your tongue.  Major yum.  Then, out of the blue,  I found myself staring at the stuff in my (new) local grocer's freezer section (Haggens) and the blast to the past took me right back to my child hood.  I bought it - scooped up that chocolatey goodness to my family and the memories came flooding back!  Even better, I was soon heading home for a holiday visit.  So when we got there... guess where we went?

Yep, right back to where to all began.  They're still scooping up ice cream the same way, in the same store, square scoops and all!  No longer Thrifty's... the store is called Rite Aid and with 4600 locations in 31 states they may have one near you.

The price isn't the same...

with a single scoop coming in at $1.79... ouch!   My advice would be to hit up your local grocer and tell them you want to see it there!  Because...

it's just that good.

Perhaps, even better if you remember eating it as a child.  Yea, I would say life is much sweeter when you get to drive down memory lane on your way to the ice cream store!


  1. I never had this as a child, but what a fun (& sweet!) memory! I do remember going to friendly's with my mom when I was little, I loved the peanut butter sundae ;)

  2. I've never heard of it but I love your story!

  3. The Double Malted Crunch was my jam over 40 something years ago. It still calls to me. I just found a Rite-Aid that re-installed an ice cream counter, but they are closed due to Covid. When this virus is more manageable, I am going in and getting a triple.


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