Thursday, July 30, 2015

Perfect Summer/Spring/Baby Shower/Wedding Bottle of Bubbles

The Headlines:

I know it's blue.

But it's great.

Here's why...

I am currently obsessed with a "special occasion" sparkling wine.  I say it in quotes because I often ask, "why does sparkling wine have to be special occasion?" I think, in some cases, it should be opened on a Wednesday with a friend.  To make that Wednesday just a little more superior.

But this wine is a little different than your usual sparkler.  Why?  Because it's....

yup... Blue!

It's called Blanc de Bleu and it's a sort of "turquoise/aqua" color.  In short, it's gorgeous!  I mean really a stunner.  Like stop in your tracks cool.  The bottle and the drink inside.  Perfect for any Spring or Summer event.  Even more perf for a baby shower, Mother's Day, Easter dinner... and clearly the people at the Blanc de Bleu are marketing it to those planning weddings.  You can check out their website HERE - ladies in white are all over the place.  Get it?

Something old, something new, something borrowed something Blue!

Little ol' me just likes to serve it on a sweet Summer day.  I mean it couldn't fit in any better.  Look at this stuff?

Most of my friends are right with me... but there's an occasional one who looks at me a little cross eyed and says, "blue wine is frightening!"   Fair enough, I understand, not your normal champs so here's the deal... it's good.  Not flip your skirt, jump off the high dive fabulous... but good.  When it comes to bubbles it's better than Korbel (much) and not as incredible as Schramsberg (nope).  But it is good.  Especially for the price point.  Word is, it should retail for around or less than $15.  Not bad, eh?  Of course, it'll be much higher at a restaurant/club.  Especially since it's such a beautiful presentation.  Take this bottle to someone as a hostess gift and they're stopping in their tracks.  See, I'm happy!

Don't claim it to be fit for the POTUS... call it what it is... a fun bottle of bubbly!  Technically, it's a Cuvee... made in Northern California starting in 2006.  The back of the bottle claims it carries flavors of premium grapes with a hint of delicate blueberries.  Maybe that's where the blue comes from?  But otherwise, no, I have no idea where it comes from and I really don't care.  

All I know is... I like it.  A lot.  And you will too... if you can find it.  I'm not sure where it's sold so ask your local grocer or wine store to get their hands on it.  Trust me, it's worth it!  Every last blue drop!


  1. oh my gosh!!!! My best friend is having a boy and I am throwing her shower and thanks to you I am totally going to wow the crowd with this!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!

  2. Sold! Where can I buy it? Anywhere?! I love me some bubbles, especially cheap ones!!

    1. I know.. that's the only bummer. I can't tell you exactly... you'll have to ask your local grocer/liquor/wine shop. It differs state to state!


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