Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pantry Lettuce Wraps!

The Headlines:

Everyone LOVES a good lettuce wrap.

Even your kids... 

EZ/YUMMY - ingredients you can find in your Pantry!

I love to make "Pantry Dinners..." you know what that is?  Everything I need just happens to be in my Pantry.  No need to go to the grocery store - it's all in the pantry/fridge.  And THIS is THAT!

It's super fabulous to feed children.  And ourselves.  Parents eat too you know!  I whipped this up last night and boy did we scarf them down.  EVERYONE at the table!

These are Tuna lettuce wraps but I would say you can also make them with a white fish (like Halibut)  . Of course when I served this to them they let out an "ohhhhhhh Mom....." to which I replied "try new things cause it might be go-ooood!"  One bite, they each let out a small but victorious, "mmmmm" and I knew we were in business!

Not to mention if you put them in these hot dog holders (because they don't really stand up on their own) it turns up the FUN notch a bit!

Here's what you need: 
1 can of tuna (in water) - or a white fish would work too!
a few slices of finely chopped white/yellow onion
1/2 red bell pepper, finely chopped
1/4 cucumber, finely chopped
2 tblspns ranch dressing
1 tblspn mayo (maybe 2 if taste determines)
1 tspn dried dill
salt & pepper to taste
6-8 lettuce leaves (depending on size, I used Artisan Romaine so they were smaller for kids)
Sunflower Seeds (optional)

Here's what you do:
Add everything together in a bowl and mix!  Then scoop mixture onto leaves and sprinkle Sunflower Seeds if desired.  I wasn't sure if the kids would like the Sunflower Seeds but they really kicked the dish up a notch and they wanted them on all of their wraps!

So enjoy this EZ, fabulous Lettuce Wrap - coming soon from a pantry near you!

Check out the video!


  1. How do you get your kids to eat this stuff? My kids wouldn't touch it! Tuna?! Lucky you! When are you going to cook for me??!

  2. Looks good.... I will try it with my hubby this week! Thanks for sharing this quick recipie!


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