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5 Ideas to Christmas-ize!

The Headlines:

'Tis the Season to decorate

Try some of these ideas

Sorry.  That's what I call it:  Christmas-ize, Faller-ize, Springer-ize... you get the picture.  It's my slang for decorating for the season at hand!  Something happens about this time of year, every year.  People who don't usually decorate, do.  They feel enormous pressure because, it seems, like the whole world is celebrating a season!  Any of them: Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukah, etc... so people do what they can in their own homes to take part in the festivities.

Now, you can either spend a TON of money at your local Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs (catalog) or any other decor store you can think of... and look like all the other houses on your block.  ORRRRR you can try these, easier (cheaper) things.   Up to you.

1 - Nostalgic Toys
Can it GET any easier?  Look around your house.  Or your Mom's house.  Or heck, even your Grandmother's!  See what's there.  During Christmas, toys become decor.  Especially if it's nostalgic and cool looking.  Here are some super simple ideas.  The scene is set in the above picture.  Can you see them all?  Let's zoom in.

You're not seeing things... that is an old block container and my first camera just sittin' there on the coffee table.  And it's cute.  Just beyond that... yep, there are those blocks spelled out to say Merry Christmas of course!  Now tell me your house doesn't have those blocks?  Spell out what you wish and put it on your hearth, mantel, kitchen table, wherever you're feeling it!

Did you notice what else is on that hearth?  Indeed, those are roller skates.  I'm glad my Mom kept them... so cute!  The kids are enamored with them!   I even have another pair (not pictured). Remember the ones you put over your shoes?  Uh-huh... those are under the tree!

 Have a tricycle?  Yep, us too.  Put it anywhere and it becomes decor this month!

Or one of those adorable cars everyone's selling these days... definitely use that!

2 - Light up Your Life!
Obviously, you can't decorate for Christmas anymore without putting plenty of lights up.  Luckily, the stores have finally gotten that memo.  These tiny, battery powered "wire" lights are simply THEEE coolest things on the planet.  It makes it easy to light up ANYTHING!  Check it out....

I got these at WALMART (about $6).  But get them fast, they sell out!  Then, go to WORK.  One idea that's really hot (not pictured) is putting these lights in a jar.  It looks great at night but rather  boring during the day.  So I'm not doing it, yet.  Here's what I am doing... the nativity set below looks way better lit up.  Praise Jesus.

And that front door wreath... with lights - Gorge!

In fact, any wreath you have any WHERE get some light on it!  This is in my bedroom...

Don't forget the kids rooms... light up those head boards!

If you turn them on mid-way trough the day - the timer will automatically turn them off before they're off to bed!

Super hard to beat.  But try... with this 3rd idea...

3 - Accent Pillows
Forget changing out all your sofa pillows, just change one!  Here in our "white" living room it works well.  I actually do this every season in this room.

Even in my bedroom "living room," it makes a world of difference!  It instantly whispers - it's CHRISTMAS to anyone who see it!!  Where can you get them?  Anywhere.

4 - Wreaths everywhere 
I know, this is a no brainer.  I've talked about this in years past... I wrote of it above here but I must discuss again.  It absolutely deserves its own number!  Because you really can't have enough wreaths at Christmas.

Put them in each person's room, over the fireplace, front door, in your kitchen windows and even on a CAR!  I wrote about it a few years ago... you can see that HERE .  Then, go get your wreaths on!

5- Bows on Anything (it looks like a present)
Finally, and again it really can't get much easier here friends.  Buy some ribbon.  It MUST be the ribbon with the wire on the sides.  Then, "wrap" things in your house.  Like some boxes...

Some baskets....

Even a chalkboard.  Stick a bow on it and it instantly turns festive.  Now that's easy.

Plus, don't forget to put a bow around your cookie jar!  Or in this case your candy.
BONUS: Speaking of candy I didn't add this as a number (because it's kind of a given for me now) but as always, use candy to decorate!

Throw it anywhere...  even on your chandelier.

I do this every year... just don't turn on the lights!

Not it's your turn - go try your own Christmas-izing!

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