Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Be a Wreath Freak!

The Headlines:

I love wreaths.  All year long.

But this time of year I go crazy.

Here's how.

Also, awesome, cheap, (fake) Christmas trees.

Wreaths are cool.  They - yes I know the irony here - "warm" a home.  SO I put them everywhere.

You should too.  But get the right size.  Many people get them too small for the intended space.  Like this...

Are you kidding me?  That grand area deserves a grand wreath!  But because the most common sized wreath is 24 inches... people get those.  The larger you go - the harder to find.  Also, the higher the cost.

Once you get the right sizes... put wreaths everywhere.  On your car...

This wreath is a cheap one from Michael's.  Adhere it to the grill with zip ties.  Done.

Put them in your children's rooms.

They look forward to it every year!

Add them to your kitchen... we do it like this:

I bought these at Michael's and place one in each "pane."  Love the look.  We just loop the ribbon around the grapevine wreaths and affix to the ledge above.  It's simple, classy (inexpensive) and, once again, sets your decor just one step above the other guys!  It's all in the details.  Finally, my wreaths are done!

Let's move to the trees briefly.  I used to do real, live trees but.... remember, I was on the news for-ever?!  It was hard to keep a real tree in my house after reporting on so many tree fires.  I started to feel guilty.  Not to mention it's easier.  Got this one at Costco (update: they have AMAZING, inexpensive trees there this year - 2015).

All White Tree
Then, we went to Walmart.  Scored a 12 foot tree for, I think it was 200 bucks!  Looks like a million.  Except for the tiny area whee the lights went out (see it down there?)!

Nostalgia Tree
Score - now I have one tree the way I want it - for decorating purposes - the all white tree.  And the number two tree, is for nostalgia purposes.  It's a tree filled, mostly, with ornaments we've collected over the years.
Nostalgia Tree
(that's me on an ornament my Gram made)
Awesome - best of both worlds!

All White Tree
Merry Christmas!

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