Monday, January 4, 2016

Lululemon... Worth it?

The Headlines:

I got Lululemon for Christmas.  

I returned it. 

Here's why:

Christmas is a special time.  For many many reasons: Jesus, family, peace, vacation.  But let's be honest - gifts - are on that list too!  People love getting things they covet.  Alas, inevitably, during the exchange of all that stuff - many get something they really want but don't really need.

That happened to me this year.

The husband (BP) and children went on a shopping trip to find me something special.  Sweet, I know.  They got me Lululemon.  Know what that is?  Let me break it down for you:  it's fricken expensive sweat gear.  Or a more politically correct way of saying it is probably:  stylish active wear.   I have never invested in any of the pieces because it truly is an investment.  The stuff is pricey.  Yet, I like many stay at home moms these days, tend to live in that type of "Active Wear" for many reasons: they're cute, fit nicely and boy are they comfy.  So my family decided it was time I tried the clothing women across America have fallen in love with and paid the (high) price to buy.

But the question is...

Are these pieces really, really worth it?

I've shopped Forever at at Forever 21... long before I was 21.  And I still get their clothes (carefully)!  A couple years ago, with the onset of the popularity that is Lulu, I noticed they started coming out with some really great (well priced) "Active Wear" that's A LOT cheaper than Lulu.  Put it this way... I can get almost 5 pairs of their pants to one Lululemon!  This year, it just so happened I had bought a pair of black "Active" pants right before Christmas.  So when my family got me the name brand stuff I decided to try them both on and see which one fit better.

What do you think?

Here's the back side.

Can you tell which is which?  Can you tell which one cost $110 and which one was a mere $20?
Seriously can you?  Or maybe I should ask which one looks better?   Any thoughts?

Tell me in the comment section below and let me reveal it now.

Be honest.  Not too different?  If I had to pick one - it might actually be the Forever 21 pair - according to these very UN-scientfic pictures!

Now don't get me wrong, the Lululemon quality is far superior.  I'm sure they'll last 5 years to my Forever 21's 1-2 years.  But that's okay.  It will give me a chance to buy new stuff, more often.  Fore less money overall.

Bottom line, I really like clothes but I think I'd rather spend my dollars on purses, shoes and dresses from Nordstrom.  That's just me.

In case you're wondering... I returned the pants and shorts my family bought me from Lulu for Jesus' birthday... I was credited about $170 for the loot.  Then I promptly bought the clothes I decided I wanted from there...

and dropped another $140.  Just this once.  I didn't want to disappoint the fam and it WAS Christmas!

In an answer to the question:  Lululemon - is it worth it?  I guess I'd say... you tell me?

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