Monday, January 25, 2016

Carolina Panthers Score More Points Off Field!

The Headlines:

Sometimes the smallest gesture...

Can make a world of difference.

We sat in our house last night, along with the rest of the country watching the NFC Championship game.  We had a special interest in it since the team from here in Arizona, the Cardinals, were playing in the game.  But we also had another reason to watch... our brother and his family would be at the game.  They live in North Carolina.  He works for the team.  His daughter got those prime seats as one of her birthday gifts last week!

But imagine our surprise when we saw our 2 nieces (and their mother) end up on television!  They were given the ball by a Panther after he scored the first touchdown of the game.

Some other young fans were also gifted special touchdown balls throughout the game.  Clearly there were enough to go around!  By now you're aware the Cardinals lost that game.

The excitement was not surprising... these 2 little girls have been big fans of the Panthers game for all of their young lives. 

I even wrote about My Niece the FOOTBALL Star  on my blog at the start of the season... because that's right, she even plays the game!  You can read that HERE

But what was a little unexpected... all the attention these little girls are getting!  After their national TV debut... I'm pretty sure the picture(s) have been tweeted and re-tweeted about 1 million times now!  They also made another website just a smidge larger than mine.  The Huffington Post.  See that article HERE... and even USA Today see that HERE - they're both short but sweet little articles on the Panthers continuing down this path of giving their touchdown balls to young up and comers like them!  The players do it at almost all of their home games. 

I'll tell you - as a fan of the game - but not of some player behavior - this small but momentous gesture is incredibly re-freshing!  

So, sure we Arizonans may be disappointed the Cards put barely any points on the scoreboard last night... but I'm also pretty sure the real points may have been scored off the field anyways.

Good luck in the Super Bowl Panthers.  I have a good feeling you already won!

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