Monday, April 11, 2016

DIY Cardboard Initial (Letter)

The Headlines:

I can't believe I'm doing a blog on something so simple.

But then again, why not?

Huge, cool looking initials have been all the rage for a while now.  Especially in kid bedrooms.  But they can get really pricey... for the BIG suckers.  And of course, those are the ones that look the best.  So I made one.  And you can too.  Promise.

For my daughter's last birthday I planned a special party for her.  You can see all the details HERE - it was adorbs.... I'm just sayin'!  But out of that party I got a (2)"two-fer(s)".  We made a special "S" as a center decorative piece:

I was especially glad to do it because I knew I could use it later.  In her room.  We hung it above her picket fence headboard which I wrote about HERE...  and it got me thinking - why not blog about the the BIG cardboard initial?  It truly was so easy I just had to share... please try not to laugh at the instructions below!

DIY Cardboard Initial:
Get a big cardboard box (we got our from Home Depot - free)
Draw a block letter
Cut it out (with an exacto knife - not scissors)

Use primer spray paint
Lightly add spray paint of choice (we chose a sparkly pink) - or add a lot - up to you
Dangle battery powered lights around it
Hang with a 3M strip

In my case I added paper flowers to the display (purchased, not made, from Michael's) which were also used at her party.  See above "two-fer" photo.

They kind of hide the battery packs to the lights and, well, they just look cool too!

I'll say this... the letter was well worth the pennies it cost to make.  It took center stage during one special occasion and another special place.  Talk about bang for your buck! SSSSSSSSSSSweet.

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