Friday, November 1, 2013

Picket Fence Headboard!

The Headlines:

Picket fences are classic Americana.

Bring them inside!

I love classic.  It is what it says.  It will never go out of style.  A couple decorating pieces represent that... one of those is the picket fence.  Now with that said, picket fences can also fit into several decorating styles.

One of those styles - is the shabby chic look.  I have always loved the shabby chic look. Very girly.  Not too forced.  White and pinks get to thrive in a shabby chic rom.  Who doesn't love soft flowers and chandeliers?  I mean, it's all so comforting, beautiful and feminine.  RRRRrrrr-RRRRrrrr-RRRRRrrrr.... that's supposed to be the sound of an alarm clock going off in my dream world head.  Because when you step into reality and, perhaps, have a husband, let's say shabby chic for the most part is off the table.  Why?  For all the same reasons I just mentioned above.  Now, I do take some of the shabby chic ideas and insert them into my world a bit.  But I do so sparingly.

Since I have a little girl I can do a shabby chic room for her.  And a room always starts with a bed.  It's the center attraction.  You gotta get it right.  I once saw a picket fence in a little girls room years ago and it stuck with me.  It was ca-yute!  And what an easy headboard to do!  Here's ours.

So, I actually found this in an antique type store years ago and saved it.  But how easy would it be to make it?  Then you just stick it on the wall and voila!  Here's a closer look.

***Update: I have since spruced up this headboard.  It now looks like this:

Yea, that's a lit up initial I made and a new Restoration Hardware duvet.  Gorge!  Get the full story on ow amazingly easy it is to make YOUR OWN Cardboard Initial HERE 

We also made this small picket fence and then added some pegs to it... we then took off the old towel rack in my daughters bathroom and replaced it with this!  Adorable.

Sorry for the bad lighting.  Again, check it out closer.

Other ideas for picket fences... It can hold jewelry or just lean against a wall as a wall art.  You can even attach some of your kids art to it.  Kind of like it's own version of a cork board.  We have an old, camel colored picket fence that I'd love to place in our backyard, on the outside of our house so we could hang pool towels from it but for some reason BP won't do that.  I guess I can't have everything!

So get creative with picket fences!  It's kind of like apple pie and the American flag... for some reason, it brings you back to a sweet, sort of un-cluttered and innocent time in our country.  And I, for one, think the more of that we can bring into our lives (and homes) the better.


  1. This is so adorable! Never would have thought to use it as a headboard :)


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  4. All I had to do for this was give them a fast fresh coat of white paint and set them beneath the bed because I had previously cut an 8-foot panel in half and pressure washed it back in the autumn. I haven't fastened them to the bed frame, but if I can, I might do so when I remove everything to paint the baseboards. However, they remain still since the bed just presses them firmly against the wall.


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