Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Best Rose' Wine List #summerwater

The Headlines:

I love me some wine!

Make it Pink & it's even better.

Let's call it #summerwater

It's funny... a light pink wine used to remind people of White Zinfandel.  You know... the stuff your grandma drinks?  Or the stuff the 21 year old used to order her first time out to a fancy dinner back in the 90's!  Yea, that was me.  It wasn't until recently that light pink wine, (i.e. Rose') came back in style.

And boy did it - now it's unstoppable.  Rose' is the New Black.

I get why.  It's light, it's well priced and it's absolutely stunning in a glass!  Perfect for Summer.

All my friends agree.  At least the cool ones.  Hee heeeeee.  Here are some of my favorites.  And don't miss the last one.  

2015 Rosa dei Masi - Rosato - $12-$14
I love Masi which comes from Italy.  The bottle screams "girls night" to me.  It's light but packs a powerful punch and goes well with almost anything. 

Miner Medocino Sangiovese - $22-$25
Miner is a great Rose' from California.  It's tall/thin appearance and darker shade of "pink" might be more appropriate if a guy joins you for the night!  It retails for more than the Masi and I think it's rare to find in grocery/liquor stores.  But you can always ask your retailer.  They may say they can't get it...  but they can.

Martin Ray - Russian River Pinot Noir - $12-14 

Martin Ray is classy, clean and cool.  It's made from a Pinot Noir grape.  It too comes from California.  In the Sonoma area (Russian River Valley to be exact).  It's retailing in this picture (at Costco) for $12.99, which is a great value!  

Another great #summerwater is Sauvignon Blanc.  Its light, crisp, fruity taste is always a favorite chilled on a hot Summer day!  Here are three I really like... starting with this one:
Trinchero Mary's Estate Grown Sauvignon Blanc - $20 

Pick it up, it's a solid bottle.  A good one to take to a Summer BBQ because the bottle is a nice, heavy grab.  It seems substantial and it is... especially for the price - $20 at some grocery stores.   

2014 Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc - $11-13
I love Joel Gott wines.  He's a solid California wine-maker that's made a name for himself in the wine world.   I think I wrote about him in my Holiday wine picks.  Just checked, sure did.  Exact same wine as a matter of fact.  See that HERE ... goes to show it's a good wine all year 'round! 

Angeline Reserve Sauvignon Blanc - $10-12

Just a quick last mention... another Sonoma Sauvignon Blanc.  It's good.  It opens fast (screw top), can't go wrong.  Yes, that bottle is empty.

I am saving the best for last!  It's this puppy...
Gerard Bertrand - Cote des Roses - $12-$14

I kinda can't get over it.  First of all, it's GORGEOUS!  Look at that lovely, very light pink color.  I can NOT stand it, it's so beautiful!  But it gets better.  Look.

The bottom of the bottle is in the form of a rose.  The GLASS top/lid... is a very light pink color.

After you drink it put the bottle by your tub with some bath crystals.  Use it as a vase.  Whatever.  Just keep it.  Now taste.  Ummmmm.... yum!  It's a blend of 3 grapes and it has a light, subtle, fresh taste that is truly #summerwater in your mouth!  Not to mention, it comes from France which makes it seem even cooler for some reason.  

I mean really, run don't walk, to get this stuff for Summer.  Can I tell just tell you Costco buys it in bulk and they sell out every time?  No people it's not a secret.  But I just found it.  Now you must too.  So get in on the action.  You'll be glad you did.  

Cheers to you... now go enjoy your newly branded bottles of #summerwater and don't forget to... 

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