Tuesday, April 24, 2018

How to make a Small Bathroom - LOOK BIGGER

The Headlines:

Make a small Bathroom...

Large with Life!

Here are some ideas.

A small bathroom can be a really big deal.  Especially if it's an en suite.  You want it to gleam with pride.  It can make or break the whole room.

So, when it was time to re-do my daughter's bathroom I knew there was some pressure.  Maybe there always is...  It needed to be fantastic yet not too glam, not too sweet.  Just right.  And bigger.

So let's get to it.  A small bathroom can look even smaller if you choose the wrong way to remodel it.  Here's how to make your small bathroom look larger than life!

Tip #1
When you do ANY room - start with something you're positive you want.
In this case it was that penny tile.

Penny Tile is so cute and so not overdone.  Now I had a jumping off board for all of the other things I had to pick.  Which led to this...

Tip #2
Use the same tile (and same grout) in the shower as your bathroom floor 
Simply because it can make the small space seem a little bigger.  It keeps the eye moving and almost creates an optical illusion the area is larger.  Maybe not much, but when you're not working with a ton of space, take what you can get.

Tip #3
Small spaces look bigger when covered in light colors.  
We went white.  For many reasons. You can read why I often choose white HERE but when it came to this bathroom... there were 3 reasons it HAD to be done.  One it was small.  Two it was dark (not a window in sight).  Three, I needed it to stand the test of teenager.  White would accomplish all of these things.

Tip #4
Use a glass shower door.
So you can see through it.  Shower curtains, for obvious reasons, shortens the room.  Glass doors make the room more spacious.  Not that it is...

Plus, obviously you can see the details that you undoubtedly added to that fabulous shower of yours!  And that deserves some attention.

Tip #5
Add flair with lights, pulls and backsplash 
We did not use flashy backsplash on purpose... but if you're going to go crazy do it here.  It's fairly easy and inexpensive to change out.

Lights aren't too bad either but pulls/handles are the easiest and cheapest to re-fresh - so go crazy!
Now, have some fun making that small bathroom a big hit!

Fore more info:  nicole@onepickychick.com

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