Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Make Child's Art your Own!

The Headlines:

I love it when my kids bring home art.

They love it when I show it.

The kitchen fridge is not an option.

The other day was the last day of my son's first pre-school experience.  He started when he was two and came out a man!  No no no no.  But he is much better off.  He brings home art work from his school almost every week which he is so proud of!   He always asks me to hang it up.  I have a magnetic chalk board in the kitchen where I do display it from time to time.  Now, from this blog, if you're one of the 5-7 people reading it, you may know I am not the type to put school art all over my fridge.  No way, it's just not happening.  But because I am ever so proud of his work… I would love to display it in a more subtlety, cool, desert cottage chic way!

Therefore, when he brought home this:

not only did I truly think it was super cool looking but it matched perfectly with my summer decor look!  Which is white with turquoise splashed everywhere.   I turned it into this:

which is just a frame around the art and I love it!
Now it sits on our mantle and works perfectly with the summer fun look I created around the house!  No, the beach ball is not part of that… it just somehow landed there.

Clearly, this is something we can all do!  Take a particularly cool thing your child has done this last school year and highlight it.  Here's the deal:  we all know that kids are so proud of their school accomplishments.  Displaying their work makes them feel like it and they matter more.  My hope is, creating a special home for his will make him even more proud.  The goal, is to pick out certain "works of art" from his (and my daughters) repertoire during their school lives.  Then display them appropriately, throughout, yes, the seasons… and years.  (I already have my eye on something Savannah this year that is perfect for Spring!)  In the end, I believe they will remember this little "ritual" forever.  And frankly, so will I!

Here's to the education journey Hudson is beginning... God help us all learn something through the adventure!

Last Day of School with Teacher!

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