Monday, August 25, 2014

Cheese & Crackers! It's what's for Dinner.

The Headlines:

Cheese, crackers & wine.

The dinner of champions.

These crackers make every cheese taste like you're a little closer to heaven.

About 13 years ago, before marriage and kids,  I was talking to my mom on the phone on a random friday night.  I was with BP (the now husband) in Scottsdale and I told her I was making dinner.  To which she said, "You are?"  A cook I was NOT.  "What are you making?" she asked.  Cheese and crackers I replied.  She laughed and still does to this day.

Yes, I have long loved cheese and crackers.  Throw in some prosciutto and wine... I am good on any given night.  Even now.

Many of my friends do the same occasionally.  Husbands are out to dinner (working), kids have eaten and it's quiet Mom time.  You aren't up for making a meal but you can cut some cheese and throw out some crackers.  Or it's been a long weekend with lot of eating,  I call it a "food hangover" … and I just want a little some'n some'n… I reach for my trusty cheese and crackers.  Healthy, not really.  Light, kinda. Satisfying, always.  

The key, however, to the cheese and cracker dinner is not only some yummy cheese but an excellent cracker.  It can honestly take a decent cheese up a couple notches.  In the case of the 7 grain cracker it can elevate a cheese exponentially!

I joke not.

This cracker is like little pieces of manna falling from heaven as ordered by the Lord himself.
I have tried many a cracker in my time and this is just head and shoulders above the rest.  It is called:

It used to be called Kashi's TLC 7 Grain but they dropped the TLC.  I was very confused.  But not to fear, same cracker.  For the record, I'm not paid anything to say this… in fact, I'm not paid anything/ever for any of these posts.  As I write that I feel a little depressed actually.  Hmmmm….

Anyways, it's a really good cracker and I mean it.  Not to mention, probably a tad healthier than others but I'm not making any serious claims there.  So, if you're ready to elevate your cheese and cracker status, go here, fast.  I'm pretty sure they're sold everywhere.  Gosh I kind of sound like a commercial, don't I?  Maybe I should ask for a royalty from someone?  Naaaaaah, that's not going to happen.



  1. Cheese, crackers, and wine is one of my FAVORITE dinners as well! I hardly ever eat it anymore, since I am a boring woman who counts calories. But not wine calories. Everyone knows those don't count.

    1. i'm pretty sure cheese & cracker calories are like celery. they're actually negative calories since you're chewing.

  2. You had me at cheese! I'm a big cheese, crackers and wine fan as well. I will need to give these a try. The only crackers in our pantry are Wheat Thins and Ritz or as our girls call them square and circle crackers.


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