Thursday, August 7, 2014

Eat More Salmon (with this sauce)!

The Headlines:

Salmon is good for you.

Grilling salmon is awesome.  

Salmon sauce makes it even better!

We eat a lot of Salmon in my house.  For a couple reasons: #1 being it is on every single "10 Best Foods List" ever invented.  It is healthy, definitely, and that is a good thing so says BP (the husband).  Because it gives meaning to the #2 reason we eat a lot of Salmon: his yearly trip to Alaska to fish for it!  Yes, honestly BP loves to do it.   I think he really thinks he's like, hunting and gathering for his family.  It makes him proud.  But let's not kid ourselves here.  He also just likes to get away, drink lots of beer with other guys and talk about - I don't know - football, work stuff, the one that got away (while fishing that is) and maybe the size of Kate Upton's upper half…?  She IS a big girl!  Anyways, whatever it is they're doing - while fishing - he does it well.  He always comes back with a LOT of fish.  And boy do we eat it.  My kids love it and I am happy to serve it.

Now ask me if we couldn't just buy the same amount of fish fresh from a good supplier for less than half the price of the trip and I'm sure the answer would be ---- yes ---- bottom line is BP wants to do this.  He really really does.

So since we have a lot of the yummy stuff… we do lots with it.  One of my favorite ways to serve it is sliced as Sashimi.  There are no parasites in this fish (I have a great story about that which I really should share later, are you aware of what the ginger is REALLY on your plate for?  Hint: it's not a palate cleanser) - it's as fresh and as organic as it comes!  I am way happier serving sushi to my kids at home than from the Sushi Station down the street.  They could eat mounds of Sashimi… but I do choose to serve Salmon more ways than with soy sauce.  One of the most simple is this:

It's a grilled Salmon made with a little side sauce that makes it sing louder than a wide woman in church!

Here's what you need:

Salmon filet
(**BP says they have well priced wild caught Alaskan Salmon at Costco right now in Arizona but there's different buyers all over the country so check it out for yourself)
lemon juice
garlic salt
sour cream
green onions chopped small (scallions, chives… whatever your family calls them)
salt and pepper to taste (if needed)

Our Salmon always comes like this:

frozen and shrink wrapped from his last big catch.

Here's what you do:

We thaw it in the sink (careful to cut the plastic tip and propped up so the water comes leaking out rather than sitting and making the salmon MEELY - yuck), then he (BP) puts it in a pan, splashes it with lemon juice and throws garlic salt on it.  He places it in the fridge until he's ready to grill.  When he is… he puts it on the grill, indirectly, at 275 with sliced lemons on the meat part to keep the fat in (yum) - for about 2 to 2 & a half hours… remove and eat immediately.

The sauce is simple too: just mix the sour cream, horseradish, green onions with some lemon juice to taste… you can add a little salt and/or pepper if you feel like you need it.  See so simple.

It's a never fail, easy dish that guests always enjoy and our kids do too.  They just usually leave the sauce off!  Yep, I love the sauce for a little variance but get the right Salmon and you can easily eat it "naked"… it's just THAT good.

Wait, the fish is "naked"… not you.  Was that confusing?  I like to eat with clothes on, for sure.   Well, maybe if I was Kate Upton…? 


  1. I LOVE salmon!! I wish my hubs fished for that instead of lobster... however salmon fishing & the Keys don't really mix. ;) I will have to try this sauce!

    1. but i LOVE lobster. as they say… grass is always greener!

  2. This will go along really well with the #OneNewFood challenge Mommy In Sports and I (Oh, Honestly!) are starting on our blogs today. I don't like fish, but I know how good it is for you, so I need to be willing to model healthy eating for my kids if I want them to eat healthy too. Thanks for the recipe!


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