Tuesday, September 30, 2014

EZ Halloween Invitation!

The Headlines:

I hate Halloween!

But I like decorating & I like parties.

Here's how to make an EZ invite.


Yea, it's a bit frightening we're already thinking about Halloween on the last day of September.  But not really.  Planning ahead is the key to success.  Most of the time.

Oddly enough, I usually drag my heels a bit when it comes to this holiday.  I am not a fan of Halloween.  I'm really not.  As as kid, coming up with a costume was always very difficult.  As an adult it didn't get much easier.  All for one day.  Really?  SO much time, energy and effort for one quick night.  Then it's over.  Not only that but it's ugly.  I do not like ghosts, goblins, vampires and all the gory stuff that goes with it.  I know, I know…  I'm in the minority since Halloween is the holiday people spend the most $$$ on… second to Christmas... and it seems to get bigger every year!

Working in news never really helped the fact that I hated the holiday since it was always in "sweeps," which is the ratings period that advertisers really look at, and meant no one could have any time off.  So, unless Halloween was on a friday/saturday… it became hard to celebrate, go trick or treating, then turn around, sleep and get back up at 2am to work!  However, as you probably know - this year it IS on a friday, I no longer work nor have to dress up.  Plus, I have kids… it all adds up to one thing - let's get this party started! Yep, in my old age,  I am finding myself getting into the "spirit" much more… so much so that I am having my second Halloween Party.  That's right.  This Picky Chick has changed and grown.

It's never to early to start planning for a party.  Especially for a holiday that you hate.  You have to try even harder.  At least if you want it to be good.  And since it's about a month away you better get on it!  First things first, get that invite out.  The nice thing about invites these days is that anything goes.  You don't need to send it in the mail.  It can be emailed, texted… shoot, people even invite through Facebook.  But I like to do something, at least, kinda cool.  SO, I just started using something for this blog… it's an app that lets me write on pictures and add borders and stuff.  Well, for this case - I actually made it my "invitation"… see?

I started with a picture I took of a decor item I just bought for the house.  I took the picture up close...

I knew it would work because it was black and white and could make a nice background that wasn't too distracting!

After I took my picture I opened this -  A Beautiful Mess App - and went to work!  It walks you through the entire thing… I added the picture, changed the filter a bit so it even lessened the boldness of the black and white, chose and wrote the script, then saved it to my phone.  At that point, you could text it to people or what I did.. emailed it.  When they open the email the "invite" shows right up! 

Next up, I needed to make some plans.  What am I serving?  I love to put my menu together way ahead of time.  I haven't finalized it yet but I'm working on it.  What I do know, is my cocktail of choice…

It's a Cantaloupe Martini… but we serve it from this Crystal Head Vodka Bottle.  Have you heard of that?  It's Dan Aykroyd's (yes the actor) brand.  They filter the vodka 3 times through crystals known as Herkimer Diamonds.  Click  Crystal head Vodka   to learn more on their website.  Also, Costco is selling a bottle, with 2 shot glasses for 40 bucks.  At least in Arizona.  They have different buyers in different states so it could vary.  I use the shot glasses in my decorating too… 

 I put corn kernels in them and line them up on a ledge I have behind a buffet table in my dining room.

It's subtle but people always catch it!

Back to the cocktail - love love love it!  If you want the recipe… I put it on my blog last year… it is amazing and so super simple to make.  Only 4 ingredients: oj, lime juice, vodka (you can use Crystal Head) and a watermelon liqueur.  Tastes just like you're biting into a piece of cantaloupe but better! You and your guests will die!  Halloween pun.  See how I did that… awful, I know!  Obviously, I AM getting into this!!!  Too much?

Anyways, get the recipe Here 

Now, for the food items.  I think I'm going to do a different version of chili dogs, something involving carrots and a treat.  I'll give you a cool cupcake recipe perfect for Halloween soon.  For now, just go get those invites done… or better yet… have a cantaloupe cocktail!  That always makes me hate Halloween a little less...


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