Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Snuggle Puppy!

The Headlines:

This book is fun and perfect for bed!

See/read why… below.

I don't know about you… but sometimes we get to bed late.  For whatever the reason… getting my daughter from dance, we went out to dinner, all heck is breaking loose for whatever the reason - you get my drift.  As we all know there are just reasons that little kids can hit the hay later than normal.


In our house, bedtime for my 3 year old is 7:45.  Well, let me be clear, we head in to his room at that time and I hope he's asleep by 8:00.  But before that happens, we have to sing, pray and read 3 BOOKS.  Yep, every night - THREE.  I started that when he was like 1 and it has continued.  But you probably know and have experienced - books -  as children age, get longer.  Mmmm -hmmmmmm.  Meaning 3 books can turn into 3 looooooooong books.  And he needs to get to bed!  Therefore,  I have a stash of good, short books reserved for those late nights.  At the top of that list is this:

Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton.

It's a song as much as it is a book.  She has a series of books out, we have read MANY of them.  Some are good, some are great… and some are just confusing.  We read one about hippos the other night and when we were finished my son looked at me and in all seriousness said, "I don't get that."  I replied, "neither do I" and we laughed! 

But Snuggle Puppy, we have fun with… there's no deep meaning… (like I think Pete the Cat and his 3 Groovy Buttons has a super great message - to hear/see that go here ) no, Snuggle Puppy represents something different yet necessary in a child's life.   It's just a sweet, simple, reassuring love song that you can sing to your little "snuggler"… quickly.

and once you get the beat down… you barely even need the pages.  Sometimes my son and I will just break into song at our house in the middle of the day.  See what I mean below. 

That is me and my 2 kiddos reading the book in the middle of the afternoon yesterday.  You can preview it to see if you want to invest in the book yourself.  

I was the shooter, obviously, and yes I got cut off at the end of the book… but you get the point.  Now, go snuggle your own puppies because I know you want to!!! 

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