Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Best Snack Bar EVER!

The Headlines:

It's the holiday season.

Lots of food to buy.

That means Costco. 

Here's why that makes you lucky.

I don't know about you but my family and I are big Costco shoppers.  We head to that gi-normous warehouse store probably about once a week, Trader Joe's is another big food supplier in our hood and then the normal grocery store falls in at third.  When the holidays hit, i.e.: more parties, more dinners, more food… we may even go (to Costco) twice in one week.  I usually bring the kids and here's why…

the major yum food they have at their snack bar.  I am dead serious.  Every single time we go we, without fail, I get these. 

Why?  They make me happy.  They make the kids happy.  And that is a great bargaining tool.  "You're good in Costco, you get a slushy."  Or "here's a slushy on the front end of the trip - sit down in the cart and let me shop while you chug it, slowly, please!"  

Berry Costo Smoothie
A coffee slushy for the MRS. - berry ones for the children -  and let me tell you the latte freeze is full of serious caffeine.   So if you need a pick me up - bingo.  They can even drizzle chocolate sauce if you want it to be more of a mocha.  I used to always have them do that but one day they forgot to put it in and I discovered I liked it better that way.  I usually don't even finish it - I put it in the freezer for another day.  They're not theee most healthy things for the kids but they're also not the worst and they're a treat.  Not to mention they are $1.45.  Uh-huh.  You heard me right.  One dollar and 45 cents.  Crazy cheap.  And if you're on a budget mommies… I'll tell ya you can not get FRAP-A-anthing for that price!  Sometimes, I'll even ask the nice Costco snack bar people to split the drink for the kids.  If they just ate a big lunch or something.  They do, always as nice as pie those Costco people.

Now, some of you may be going "no-duh" to this post and to you, I salute.  But I am writing this because plenty of you have no idea these little drinkable gushes of gold exist.  Plenty Mom friends are stunned by such a rare and special find.  Heck, my father in law, one serious frapa-star-cino drinker… may well be sworn off the stuff since he discovered the Costco Latte Freeze.  I'm pretty sure his Costco Snack Bar is on a first name basis with him by now.

Then, there's the other incredible food gem at Costco.

People, I am NOT kidding.  Best pizza under $10 you'll ever have.  Because yep, a whole pie - and these puppies are big.  Is only a cool 10 bucks.  For a huge slice, it's less than 2 bucks.  But cost aside…  the everything pizza is major major yum.  I know Italians are turning over in their graves, cars, beds, seats - wherever - hearing something like that but I kid you not,  it's a darn good pizza.  Oddly enough though I am not crazy about their normal pepperoni pizza.  It's not half as good as the everything one.  I know, weird.  Get a closer look.

Everything Costco Pizza
Seriously, awesome.  And no - once again - no one is paying me to say this.  Bummer I know.

Then there's this new item they just added recently and BP (the husband) happens to love it.  I can not speak to it as I have yet to really try it.

It's a BBQ sandwich with coleslaw on it.  It's costLY for Costco coming in at just under 5 dollars.  But BP says it's worth the dough.  I'm not swearing by it yet… but I will stand behind those slushies and everything pizza.  I'll stand behind them, beside them, with them for a holiday picture… heck I'll go anywhere with those treats.  And trust me, you should too!

Here's the epilogue to this blog post:  they now take credit/ATM cards at their snack bar.  Ahhhhhhlllllllllleluia.  Something they have never done.  Until now.  So I, the Mom-who-never-ever-has-cash-on-hand, always-had-to-have-an-emergency-$3-stashed-to-support-my (our)-snack-bar-addiction, can relax.  I can get the food I want with the card in my wallet.  It's a whole new world.  My family may eat an everything pizza once every week now.  Or at least, we could if we wanted to…

So have a good time shopping at your Coscto this season… and don't forget the snack bar.  See ya there!


  1. Lmao! Costco huh? You sound like a happy mama...I'll have to try those next time - and I'll bring my debit card for sure

  2. They totally need to pay you!! This is too funny!

  3. Wait...they can put chocolate sauce on the latte freeze? I agree on the pizza but did you know the bake-it-at-home pizza you buy inside Costco is NOT the same as the food court version? I lament the day they stopped selling those huge 30lb ice cream bars hand dipped in chocolate and chopped almonds. Now THAT was a screaming deal.

    1. oh I KNOW… i do NOT buy that pizza. bummer on the ice cream bars… i remember them but never actually tried them. bummer.


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