Monday, November 10, 2014

What's Your Tag Line?

The Headlines:

It's time to update my look (of my blog).

Now I need a "tag line..."

So what is it?

Better yet, what's yours?

I happen to love this blog.  It's fun.  I get to write - about whatever I want… it challenges me, gives me a creative outlet and in a weird way, I feel it kind of keeps me in the game a bit.  No, I don't get paid anything to do what I do.  No I don't have millions of followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube.  No, no, no.  But yes, I like it.   Every once in a while, I hear that others do too.  For me, that's enough.

I've decided it's now time to update the look of the blog I love so much!  Settling on a look wasn't that hard.  It was, in fact, simple.  You buy a pre-made template and, in theory, easily throw it on my blogger background.  I have yet to do that however… the hold up?  My tag line.  With the purchase of the template, the designer adds your "tag line" to the header (the top) of the front page and then sends it to you.  Now, the question becomes:  what IS my line?

I have asked other bloggers, friends, thought about it myself while walking (that's a good time for me to think) and have yet to decide definitively.  Here are some ideas (each of which I really like):

One Picky Chick
Because you've only got one life

One Picky Chick
Picky about things… Pickier about life

One Picky Chick
PurposeFULL Picky Living

One Picky Chick
Perfectly Imperfect Living

I need to decide on which one suits me, or rather, my blog best.  That's not an easy thing to do.  Think about it - what's your tag line?  It's like defining your life in a few words.  Not even a full paragraph but words!  Perhaps when you find this "tag line..." you provide yourself a clarity you didn't even know you were lacking.  Still, finding it is hard.

Part of the reason this task is so difficult for me is because I started this blog with one intent but it sort of morphed into another.  It began as a way to chronicle decorating/remodeling, cooking and party ideas.  But something happened along the way and I just started writing about life in general.  No spectacular creation needed.  Not every time anyways.  It showed me:  I may be picky about what I do and the things I try -  but I now know I'm choosier about the life I lead.  As well I should be.  As well we ALL should be.  We all have just one shot to make this time our own.  One try to "write" our story.  One time to get it right.  So I intend to pick and choose the best ways for me and my family.  I hope others will do the same.  Whether or not they literally do the same as me doesn't matter.  For instance, I happen to think, in a rush, the "warm cookie dessert" is one of the easiest/yummiest/most impressive desserts ever (you can find it here).  After you try it, you may not agree… but perhaps it will inspire you to find yours!  When you do, it will make your life that much sweeter.  And isn't that the goal?  The sweeter, the better.

SO that is why I'm One Picky Chick.  Now, to put it all in a "tag line" - for me - is next to impossible.  Probably because I'm... picky.  But guess what?  I wouldn't change a thing.

Tell me what you think. Which above "tag line" do you like?  Give me your new ideas…? Or tell me your own personal "tag line!"  Apparently in this new age of social media we live in - we all need one.


  1. I like the first one.. 'One Picky Chick: because you've only got one life'... I think it is all encompassing.
    Mine is Working Mom Magic: When Keeping It Together Is Just An Illusion ;)

  2. haha, I think it's funny that The Picky Chick is having a difficult time deciding her tagline. I agree with Working Mom Magic though- I really like the first one a lot! My tagline is Fitness, food and fun with a stay-at-home mom- pretty straight forward. I look forward to seeing your new blog layout!

  3. HI. I like the last one: Perfectly imperfect living. It's short and sweet and gives the feeling that you have a good sense of humor. It also is vague enough that your blog can grow in different directions and stay true to your tagline.

  4. The last one is great. Its a nice play on words (more so the way it rolls off the tongue) :)

  5. I like the first, but what about Purposefully Picky or something like that? It's not that you just pick, but you are strategic about it. :) I have two blogs. For my family one, it's "faith, family & fun". (I went simple) For my Disney mom blog, it's "because Mama knows it's all about The Mouse" (hence my blog MamaMouse)

  6. I like the purposeFULL picky living. We always have to be honest with who we are and yet we can work with that to live life to the fullest. I've also struggled on a tag line and right now it's "on a mission to make amazing food on a tight budget" but I don't love it. I'm sure it will continue to change as I grow as a blogger.

  7. I like One Picky Chick
    Picky about things… Pickier about life. I don't have a tag line I am just The Misadventures of Bella's Second Life.

  8. Such good comments. Thank you so much! But now I may be more torn than ever… because I feel like there's no clear winner. I guess I'll just close my eyes and point! :)

  9. I'm picky too..and I always second guess myself and question what I thought I was sure about! grr!! I like
    "Picky about things… Pickier about life"..but maybe spin it to "picky about all things related to..LIFE!"


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