Thursday, November 20, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving - The ---- has Hit the Fan!

The Headlines:

I am going crazy.

The holidays are in full swing.

And the S--- has hit the fan!

I just came back from my friend's house.  We had a nice dinner and our kids played very sweetly together.  It was about 3 hours of good friend time.  Of which I had no time for.

If you're a mom of 1, 2 or 6 children you probably know what I'm talking about.  This time of year there are a lot of balls in the air.  You must
  1. Plan parties 
  2. Go to parties 
  3. Plan dinners 
  4. Plan to look at holiday lights
  5. Holiday decorate
  6. Put laundry away - do dishes (over and over) 
  7. Bake cookies
  8. Christmas shop 
  9. Go see Santa
  10. Plan holiday cards 
  11. Take pictures for holiday cards 
  12. Mail holiday cards
  13. Internet shop
  14. Hide stuff 
  15. Wrap stuff 
  16. Travel somewhere 
  17. Exercise (because of all the parties) 
  18. Still do all your everyday "mommy" stuff
  19. Not to mention - fill in the blank - everyone has their things.  Do you have rental properties?  Internet problems?  Phone problems?  Remodeling problems?  Friend Birthdays?  A part time job?  A husband who travels all the time?  Car trouble?  
  20. The list goes on… depending on the person you are. 
Yep, this year at this time… in my house, the S--- has hit the fan!  I need to re-gain control fast because today, tomorrow and the next month I will be running and gunning.  I did not want to take 3 hours and spend some time with a great friend, but I did… and you know what?  I feel better.  Instead of getting my "stuff" handled… I just talked about it all.  That probably did me way more good than the 3 hours I could have spent at home attempting to get it all done.

It reminded me that we get so wrapped up in the craziness of this time of year sometimes we forget to enjoy this time of year.  We, I, concentrate so much on what we need to do… we forget about why we're doing it in the first place.  The message is not new… we hear it a million times, especially in December - but still… we ALL forget - until something reminds us to stop.

This was my reminder last year.  I watched it again today.  You should too... it's quick.

That's my son.  Singing "Jesus Loves Me"… repeating one of the phrases over and over and then ending with the cutest smooch face/pursed lips ever!  Nothing like the words of a child to make you stop in your tracks. You know what they say:

Sometimes the best present is presence.

Actually, that's not exactly how "they" say it but it's how I phrased it for my purpose today.  See, last Thanksgiving my son had just started pre-school for the very first time.  He was in the 2's class.  And at his preschool they sing a lot of songs that center around Jesus because it's a Christian school.  So very early on he started coming home and singing.  It was delightful.  One of the best sounds I'd ever heard.  Because he was mine.  Your best sound comes from your own child!

Since we couldn't have some of our family here for Thanksgiving… I thought, maybe I should send my son to them - with this cute song - a song that would surely should remind everyone to stop in their tracks and enjoy the day, the season, the time.  We will never get it back.

This year, my son sings "Jesus Loves Me" perfectly - exactly the way he's supposed to… and a little part of me, wishes he didn't.

So yes, the S--- has hit the fan over here.  Just like it has in houses all over America.  But as I deal with the craziness during this next month (plus) I will find the moments to stop, enjoy my friend - my son - my daughter - my husband's ---presence.  Because I will remember "Jesus Loves Me" is the greatest gift of all.


  1. It is so important to take a moment to remind ourselves what this time is all about! (and ugh.. I need to get our holiday pics taken)

  2. The best presents is presence...LOVE THAT! I'm happy that mine are still young, so they don't totally "get it" yet...but this may be the last year for that since Raef will be 3 come next holiday season. It's so easy to get caught up in things...that it's important to keep what truly matters at heart!


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