Thursday, February 19, 2015

5 Reasons a Mom Turns Into a Mom-STER

The Headlines:

Sometimes the sweetest Mom can, for a brief moment, become a raging lunatic.

I call that a Mom-STER.

Girlfriends we have ALL been there.

This is why.

It happens to all of us… you wake up… completely on the right side of the day.  You know, the glass is definitely half full.  Until, something inside you snaps.  The trigger can be almost anything but it's usually related to your children.  Those little bundles, who can provide so much love and fulfillment over time, can also make you go a little insane at certain moments.  It's okay to admit.  It makes you human.  But it also makes you a Mom-STER!

I, myself, probably turn into a Mom-STER less than once a week.  But I only have 2 children.  I can't imagine how many times some women turn into a Mom-STER.  Those ladies that have 4 children or more are not only saints, but they have to become a Mom-STER at least twice a week.  I mean, I'm pretty sure that would be my average.

What exactly IS a Mom-STER?  It's a term I made up while playing with my son one day.  He wondered if there were any Monsters around... and I joked... "nope, no Monsters - just us Mom-STERS!"  But after relaying the story and explaining the definition to my friends... most agree a Mom-STER lives in their house too!

Here are 5 Common Mom-STER triggers:

Number 5  -  NOT LISTENING
This is when the Mom asks her child to do something and it just isn't happening.  This is almost every morning at my home when I ask my 4 year old son to "PUT ON YOUR CLOTHES!"  It may take him about 15 - 20 minutes of standing bare back, parading around, joking/laughing/playing before he dresses.  I would guess, most mornings I have to ask him to put on his clothes about 38 times.  I don't think I'm exaggerating.  On rare occasions, the Mom-STER appears and the task at hand is, in turn, immediately done.

Occurs when a normal mother listens, for an extended period of time, to her once peaceful children, argue.  The topic can be anything from "your leg touched me under the dinner table" to "he got more ice cream than me" to an occasional, "she's NOT SHARING!"  Whatever the argument… if the Mom-STER appears... fighting between children, at that moment, quickly ends.

It can happen either in front of people you know or complete strangers.  It's the most dangerous instances of Mom-STER rages because those who may witness it may not understand what they're seeing.  Either because A) they are not a parent themselves or B) they are NOT a parent themselves.  The Number 3 Mom-STER rage has rarely, if ever, happened to me… but I have heard of parents go through it before.  It is not pretty.  It can be frightening to outsiders.  Try to avoid this scenario if at all possible.

Number 2 -   TIME OUT TRAUMA
This Mom-STER comes out when a Mom is very clear minded-ly disciplining her children.  But it is not working.  This happened to me last Summer.  My children, wait, specifically… one of them was incredibly bad in a public setting which then carried over to the car.  I maintained the whole time (see above).  But at home the bad behavior did not subside - so it was time out time.   When that didn't work, I will be honest here, it was the first and only instance I've spanked my son.  He turned, looked and laughed at me... as if it was the funniest joke he'd ever heard.  That was when the Mom-STER came out.  I left his room and as I did I told him "you're going to bed without dinner"  -  you know - the punishment straight out of an old episode of "Leave it to Beaver?"  My sweet daughter then rushed up to me, in tears, and said she would "give up her dinner for him…" and the Mom-STER quickly left the room.  My heart melted.

Let me clear, is the most horrible instances of Mom-STER visits.  Because it usually happens for absolutely no real, valid reason at all.  It's completely the Mom-STERs own fault.   Last week my daughter was making her Valentines and when she didn't listen to instructions I struck like a rattlesnake.  She immediately started crying and stormed out.  I went to her room where she was face down in her bed with her head in her hands and I did what all real Mom-STERs have to do once in a while.  I apologized.  I hugged her, carried her and asked her for forgiveness.  She gave it to me.

Yep, sometimes even the best Moms can turn into Mom-STERS.  It's okay.  As long as the fire kids see, is extinguished as quickly as her point gets across.  For the true Mom-STER recovers quickly and whole heartedly.  She bastes in the love of her children but makes mistakes like every human being is entitled to… and in the end she becomes the loving, caring and nurturing Mom again… until the next time her blood boils from the inside out!


  1. Thank you for validating my Mom-ster moments....I've been there and sometimes by the time we can pull ourselves out of may be too late, but yes, it happens!

  2. Number 5 all the time!!! I totally lose it on the 7th time I ask my son to put on his socks! Then he's always like, "Geez.. Mom.. why are you yelling at me??" ughhh.. kids.

  3. Ummm yes!!!! Why does it take 45 times of me asking you to brush your teeth and put in your clothes? JUST DO IT!!! LOVE this!

    1. I think it's partly because they love the sound of our voices so much! right?

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  5. Haha I only have one right now, so I'm sure I'll have plenty of times to come when I reach my "mom"ster moment. I have taught kindergarten and first grade though, so I know about getting pushed to my limits. It usually helps to always remember to not take it personal and a few deep breaths. I only hope these work on my own kids like they do in the classroom

    1. tricia... you are probably just a much better person and mom than me!!!! ;)

  6. I had 4 kids and I can definitely tell you that many weeks I as a Mom-ster more than once a week. But all 4 of my kids are now grown and some even having children of their own and I can gladly exclaim, they all survived me! Thanks for the reminder that we are all normal and certainly not along in the great calling of motherhood/grandmotherhood!

    1. we are not alone... we are all in this crazy/lovely ride together! :)


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