Monday, February 2, 2015

Cheaters Prosper… Again.

The Headlines:

The New England Patriots won.

Cheaters Never Prosper.

Yea, right.

So what do we tell our children now?

I truly thought it wouldn't happen… sure, they got to the big game but I was positive they would never win.  That's not how life works.  But I was wrong.

**Full disclosure, I don't care about football and have no vested interest in either team.

No I didn't attend the Super Bowl yesterday… BP (the husband) did.  Heck, it was in our backyard (Arizona).  But I did watch (some) it.  I saw the interception that changed everything but I never thought the guys from the East would win.  I thought it not possible.  Because Cheaters never proser.  You know, that old saying our parents said and re-said throughout our young lives?  And I believed them.  But the fact of the matter is… Cheaters do and can prosper.  In fact, sometimes they do really really well.  Heck, they can even win the Super Bowl.

Now, I'm not judge and jury here.  Yet clearly there are those of us (me) who are acting like it.  There has been no official and finalized investigation into the latest Patriot scandal… Deflate-gate.  But I always say… where there's smoke there's fire.  Someone had to yank that air out… someone took those videos (spy-gate) and it wasn't the other team.  It was someone linked to New England.  Period.  But still… they have not been punished enough, "journalists," fans, heck even the NFL have (and will) let them off easily.  In front of millions of children they even WON the Super Bowl last night.  And that just kind of knocked the wind out of me.

Because, it is very clear, in our society Cheaters DO Prosper and that sickens me.  In fact, to go one step further… it's the guy who doesn't cheat who ends up losing out.

I get it.  We all fudge a little here and there.  The Mom who forgets to pay for the pack of gum she threw in the baby car seat, the golfer who refuses to record low scores on the course, the son who grabs a cookie when he's supposed to eat a carrot.  It happens.  But there are lines that have to be drawn.  There are lies that matter.   As far as I'm concerned, The Patriots are a good ball team who, for all we know, have gotten to where they are by fudging here and there which makes all of their wins not victorious but down right suspicious.  And who wants to look up to that?

I'd rather look down.  Or maybe just away from the team who we-think-was-the-best-but-we-just-don't- know-because… they-cheat.

Yep, my husband was here last night…

and I was here, at a Super Bowl Party with my kids who didn't look at the game for more than 30 seconds.

Thank God… because the Cheaters Prospered Again.  And I'm going to need some time… to figure out how to explain that.

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