Friday, February 6, 2015

Valentine's Mad Lib Downloadable

The Headlines:

Valentine's Day is for kids too!

Use this Valentine's Day Downloadable.

Made for a 3rd grade class "Friendship Party…"

So you don't have to!

Let's be clear… some adults may not like Valentine's Day but most KIDS love it.  Why? Nah, not for all the "right reasons" they just like it for the candy.  I mean, they're kids!

The other reason they like V-day: fun, creative projects.

You know, cards for class, the party at school… or maybe it's the one time of year Mom bakes!  We will be doing it all next week… and since I'm Room Mom in my daughter's 3rd grade class… I'll be helping plan the "Friendship Party."  One of my duties for that, is this:

It's a home-made Mad-Lib with conversation hearts and it's sure to be a hit!  I know, we're not the first ones to do this… and honestly, it wasn't even my idea - it was the other Room Mom!  Love her...  but I volunteered to create it because that's what I love to do - create with words!

Honestly, I would love to claim it's incredibly difficult and a skill that takes years to refine - but it's not.  Anyone with a high school degree could manage it.  So you could certainly attempt to do one yourself… or you could just use mine.  If creativity or time escapes you - USE MINE!  You'll find it at the end of this post.

Once that's downloaded and printed… buy some Conversation Hearts, sparkly glue (found at the Dollar Tree), paper plates and away you go.  Trust me, sparkly glue looks better on this type of project then just normal glue.

Put all that stuff on a paper plate and after you decide which hearts go where… slowly dip them in the glue, like this:

But take your time here because otherwise… you'll get too much glue on the underside and the candy will begin to MELT into the glue which looks like this:

not horrible… but this is preferable

Then when you're done, the whole thing will look like this:

It's cute, funny and both boys and girls will get a huge kick out of writing a LOVE note… especially in the third grade!

One Picky Chick Valentine's Mad-Lib Downloadable HERE … FYI this one does NOT say 2015…. I didn't want to date it.

Have fun!

P.S.  This is my first attempt at a "down-loadable..."  I feel like celebrating - Candy Hearts for everyone!


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